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Want to buy Trifexis without vet prescription?

Want to buy Trifexis without vet prescription?

Dogs occasionally do have an itch, and that is not much of a problem. However, when the itching persists for a long period, owners immediately start worrying and wonder if their beloved pet has fleas. The major issue with fleas is that they are very easy to contract; however, it is equally as hard to eradicate them. That's why as a pet owner you need to be prepared. The good news is that with the help from flea medicines, getting rid of fleas has become comparatively easy. You just need to know which one to opt for.

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Ticks and fleas are small and wingless parasites, yet their legs compensate for this; they can jump very high and easily burrow themselves into larger dogs as well. Fleas survive by drinking the blood of any warm host; which is, in most cases, a dog. Despite their small size, they can make your pet's days miserable which is why it is crucial to get rid of the ticks and fleas infesting your dog.

Recognizing fleas on your dog

There are a few signs which make it easy to figure out whether or not your dog has fleas. While the most common signs are seeing your dog excessively licking, biting, or scratching their skin, there are other signs too.

If your dog has been targeted by fleas, you will be able to see flea dirt or droppings in your pet's coat when you brush it. Similarly, you will also find fleas not only on the dog but also in the environment as well.

Other signs also include pale gums, hair loss, tapeworms, hot spots, allergic dermatitis, and scabs.

Are fleas harmful to dogs?

Since fleas are bloodsucking parasites, they can lead to a few complications. Fleas are known for consuming blood 15 times more than their body weight. As a result, your dog can become anemic or lose a significant amount of blood with time. Particularly in young puppies, a decreased number of red blood cells can be fatal for your pet. If your dog shows laziness, a cold body temperature, or pale gums, then these could be signs of parasitic anemia.

Moreover, when a dog is highly sensitive to the saliva of the fleas, only one bite can lead to an allergic reaction known as flea allergy dermatitis and leads to intense discomfort and itching for them. If you see generalized hair loss, hot spots, scabs, and reddened skins, then your dog might have flea allergy dermatitis. Such an allergy can also often cause skin infections.

Furthermore, fleas are also known for transmitting a number of other diseases too. For instance, fleas commonly transmit tapeworms. The same is the case with ticks; they can transmit more than ten diseases including Lyme disease, tularemia, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Many of these tick-transmitted diseases are life-threatening.

Fighting ticks and fleas

Dogs that live in humid and warm climates are more vulnerable to attacks from fleas since fleas generally thrive in temperatures ranging from 65 degrees Fahrenheit to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Dogs that live outdoors or spend the majority of their time outdoors are also easy victims of fleas.

If your dog has become a target of a flea infestation, it is crucial that you immediately invest in a flea and tick treatment. Since fleas have a strong life-cycle, you need powerful treatment options that can effectively get rid of fleas.

Below are some of the best flea and tick treatment options.

Trifexis without vet prescription

With Trifexis, making sure your dog is safe from parasites is quite easy. You only need to administer the medicine one time each month. Trifexis for dogs is a beef-flavored, heartworm and flea medicine for dogs which also gets rid of ticks and controls whipworm, roundworm, and hookworm infections.

This medicine is a combination of two powerful ingredients that protect dogs effectively from three kinds of dangerous parasites. Moreover, since this medicine is given orally, you don't have to isolate your dog from other pets or kids.

While you can get Trifexis without vet prescription, it does come with a set of side effects which you need to careful about and thus, it isn't considered the best medicine for dogs.

Medicines for flea treatment for dogs with close to nonexistent side effects include:

Vectra 3D

Vectra 3D is a fast-acting topical medicine that provides protection against sand flies, mites, fleas, lice, mosquitoes, and ticks. It is suitable for dogs as well as puppies that are more than 7 weeks old. This topical treatment provides long-lasting protection against numerous disease transmitting parasites.

Vectra 3D kills parasites only on contact; making it highly effective. In just two hours, this medicine works to kill the fleas, and within 6 hours, it kills all the fleas. Similarly, it reduces the number of ticks on your dog in just 24 hours. Vectra 3D is also quite effective for fleas and ticks is because it can prevent the development of immature flea stages including the eggs, larvae, and the pupae.

This medicine can provide protection for an entire month and is non-greasy water resistant and quick drying. You don't need to use it again after bathing your dog too!

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Revolution contains the chemical selamectin and it is an FDA-approved medicine. Also, it is a broad-spectrum, systemically acting drug that kills a number of parasites. Revolution is a combination of incredible efficacy and a well-defined safety profile that protects both the cat and the dog against a variety of parasites. This drug is recommended for dogs that are more than 6 weeks old.

Revolution can kill adult fleas, as well as get rid of flea eggs to stop the infestation. Moreover, it can also help with scabies and ear mites. Revolution is also known for controlling American Dog Tick infestation while also helping to prevent heartworm disease.

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Ways to prevent fleas

Take note that one effective way of controlling fleas is to use a flea comb and wash the dog's bedding at least once a week. Moreover, when treating your house to get rid of fleas and ticks, make sure you also treat your yard as thoroughly. Concentrate more on shady areas since it is the most common place where fleas live. Also, make sure to use such an insecticide that gets rid of flea larvae too.

In the end, when opting for a heartworm and flea medicine for dogs, ensure it isn't accompanied by side effects and is effective for your pet's health.

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