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Vectra 3d For dogs

Vectra 3D (Dinotefuran / Pyriproxyfen / Permethrin)

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  • Description

    Vectra 3D is an effective topical flea and tick prevention medication for dogs that also kills ear mites and lice and deters mosquitos and biting flies too. It provides a full month of protection from all these pests with just one application every month. That makes it a 6-in-1 parasiticide for dogs and the chance of fleas or ticks being able to keep up their act on your dog are slim to none. Flea tick Vectra 3 starts to kill fleas and ticks on dogs within 6 hours of application, and within days you’ll likely see your dog start to experience some relief from all that itching and scratching.

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    All that’s needed for a full month of flea and tick prevention for dogs with Vectra 3D is one topical application of the solution to your dog. Start by removing one applicator packet and snap off the tip of the applicator while ensuring it’s facing upwards while you do this. Then part your dog’s fur at the base of its neck (to expose skin beneath).

    Apply the entirety of the solution in the packet to the skin and allow it to spread and be absorbed on its own. For small dogs apply the product to just one spot. For medium-sized dogs up to 55lbs you can apply it to 3 spots, including one at the base of the neck and 2 along the upper back. For large dogs up to 100lb you can apply it at the base of the neck and then on 3 spots along the back.

    Do not use fingers or any other implement to spread the solution. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water following and does not allow your dog to get wet for 24 hours following application of flea tick Vectra 3.


    The active ingredients in Vectra 3D are Dinotefuran, Pyriproxyfen, and Permethrin.


    Vectra 3D is only for use with dogs 8 weeks of age or older. Not for use on cats.

    Follow the dosage guidelines exactly as indicated on the packaging.

    The safe use of this medication has not been evaluated for pregnant or lactating (nursing) dogs. Speak with your veterinarian if you have a female dog who is pregnant or nursing and needs a flea control method.

    Keep out of reach of children.


    There are no interaction risks between the use of Vectra 3D for dogs and any other pet supplements or Rx medications.

    Side Effects

    Side effects related to the use of a Vectra 3D for dogs flea and tick prevention are uncommon, but in rare instances, dogs may experience vomiting, diarrhea, diarrhea, hypersalivation, lethargy, or itchy skin. If any such side effects are observed it is recommended that you discontinue use and see your veterinarian to discuss alternative flea control treatments.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Vectra 3D

    What are the side effects of Vectra 3D on dogs?

    Common side effects include localized skin reactions like redness, itching, or irritation at the application site. Excessive drooling or foaming at the mouth, lethargy, and loss of appetite may also occur.

    How to apply Vectra 3D?

    Remove the applicator from the package, hold it upright, snap off the tip, and part your pet’s hair between the shoulder blades. Apply the solution directly onto the skin. Avoid using Vectra 3D on cats.

    Does Vectra 3D expire?

    Yes, Vectra 3D does expire. Like any medication, it has an expiry date indicating its guaranteed effectiveness and safety. Using expired Vectra 3D may reduce its efficacy or cause adverse reactions in your pet.

    How to open Vectra 3D?

    Hold the applicator upright, place thumb and index finger around the applicator tip under the large disk and press down firmly on the small disk until both disks meet, piercing the seal.

    Is Vectra 3D safe for dogs?

    Mostly yes, but with exceptions for puppies under 7 weeks and dogs with sensitive skin. It’s essential to consult your vet for personalized risk assessment.

    How long does it take for Vectra 3D to work?

    Vectra 3D begins to work quickly, killing fleas and ticks on contact. It provides protection for up to one month against these pests.

    Can I bathe my dog after applying Vectra 3D?

    Wait for it to dry completely before bathing your dog. Washing your hands after application is essential.

    Why does my dog still have fleas after using Vectra 3D?

    Some dogs may still have fleas due to re-infestation from the environment. Regular application and environmental control are crucial.

    How long does it take for Vectra 3D to dry on dogs?

    Allow adequate drying time after application. Follow the instructions to ensure effectiveness.

    Does Vectra 3D prevent heartworm?

    No, Vectra 3D does not prevent heartworm. It primarily targets fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.

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