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Bravecto Without Vet Prescription

Bravecto Without Vet Prescription

Fleas are small wingless insects that can survive on the blood of cats and dogs. There are different kinds of fleas, and each of these fleas prefers their own hosts; while some fleas even survive on human blood. These blood-sucking insects have a mouth that can be used in piercing the host’s skin.

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These insects appear in black or reddish brown color and can be very tiny in size. They can jump from one pet to another very easily. The bodies of these insects are flattened from the sides, and they have spikes in their mouth, legs and back that allow these insects to stick firmly to the host. These spikes prevent these blood-sucking creatures from getting groomed off.

Tick is another insect parasite that can also attach itself to a dog and a cat and feed off on their blood. These infected ticks can cause discomfort to your beloved pets and make their skin itch. They even carry multiple diseases that can harm your pet and its offspring, and if left untreated, can make your pet incredibly lethargic and weak.

Since ticks and fleas are incredibly common and can cause multiple diseases, it is best that your pet is treated for these insects before they can cause more damage and disease. One such medication that can help you get rid of these insects is Bravecto for dogs. You can also use this medication on cats.

Signs Your Pet Has Fleas And Ticks

Fleas and ticks can be very annoying for you and your pet; however, signs of their infestation are not very obvious especially if it is your first time dealing with this kind of thing. Mentioned below are some things that veterinarians recommend looking out for even if you think these fleas and ticks can’t enter your household.


  • Abnormal Licking And Scratching

Fleas are very opportunistic insects and use your beloved pet's blood as a source of food. Once they jump on your pet and set up their habitat in places that are hard to reach and look at such as head, tail, neck, groin, and armpits, they start to bite your pet. This causes them to scratch, bite, and lick themselves excessively.

It is important that you start using Bravecto for cats on your pet right away if you notice any such signs.

  • Unusual Looking Patches

Since flea bites can leave their saliva on your cat or dog, this saliva can be allergic for some pets and cause an allergic reaction. These allergic reactions are not exclusive to only the areas bitten by a flea. Plus, sometimes the hypersensitivity of flea bites can also lead to rashes and lesions.

If you notice any unusual red patches on your dog’s body, hurry up and grab Bravecto for dogs.

  • Hair Loss

Sometimes dogs and cats can even pull their hair out due to persistent licking or biting in the flea-bitten areas. This hair loss or alopecia can occur due to other things as well, but it is important to start a flea protection program if you notice any hair loss right away. You can get Bravecto without vet prescription as well.

  • Flea Dirt

If you notice any black or reddish brown specks on your pet or inside your household, then this can be flea dirt, also known as flea feces.

You can rub your pet's fur vigorously while keeping a white towel underneath to make these flea feces more visible.


  • High Fever

After a tick bite, your pup or cat may show signs of mild or high fever. This fever may last for only a day or may even continue for weeks, and some signs of high fever include weakness, lethargy, loss of appetite, shivering, and unusual panting.

Even though fever can be a sign of something else, it is important to look for ticks if you suspect your dog has a fever.

  • Weird Scabs

An embedded tick can make your dog nip continuously at his neck or lick excessively at the area where it bites. If you notice this happening or find any scabs on your pet that you cannot explain, make sure to look for ticks immediately.

You can treat these ticks using Bravecto for dogs right away.

  • Small Bump

Even though this may seem like a no-brainer, but finding a bump on your dog or cat while you are petting it can be the first sign of a tick bite. If you feel a bump on your pet, then do not ignore it. Grab Bravecto without vet prescription right away and take a closer look at your pet’s skin.


If these ticks and fleas are not treated properly and at the right time, then they can cause some very severe and even deadly diseases, such as Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, and Bubonic Plague.

Some of these fleas and ticks can enter your pet's stomach and be ingested. Once ingested, these fleas and ticks can make your pet lethargic, have bloody diarrhea, and cause muscle pain, leading to a condition known as Hepatozoonosis.

Another nasty disease that your pet can have is tapeworms. If your dog ingests these fleas and if the flea is ingested with tapeworms, then your pet can also get these worms. Once these worms enter your dog’s stomach, they can cling to the wall and attach themselves to it. Here, they can multiply and grow if not treated properly.

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It is important that these blood-sucking insects are not ignored and given the proper attention and treatment they require. To treat these flea bites, you can use Bravecto without vet prescription. This medication can help get rid of these insects and protects your pet from plenty of diseases that they can cause and also save you many vet visits.

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