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Vectra Flea Medication for Dogs

vectra for dogs

Here and now in the cold of winter it’s hard to imagine that warmer weather exists, but Spring will come around in a few months time like it always does. Longer days, more sunshine, and warmer temperatures are wonderful, and your dog feels the same way of course. Who wouldn’t be more excited to go for a walk when it’s nice outside? Unfortunately, that means fleas are out enjoying the wide-open spaces too. You can’t really prevent fleas from getting on your dog, but what you can do is prevent them from having a long life and Vectra for dogs is just the flea killer medication for doing that.

Fur is fantastic stuff if you’re a canine, but we humans might want to be thankful we’re not covered in it when we head outdoors too. Fur is essential to fleas being able to do their thing, and without it they’d be much more in plain sight and more likely to be under attack from the pooch’s owner. Now of course you’d never shave your pet so a flea and tick for dogs’ medication like Vectra for dogs becomes the way to go. And let’s be thankful us pet owners live in the time we do, because in way back generations flea prevention for dogs likely meant long hours of futility with a flea comb or relying on a flea collar.

Fortunately, all of that is in the past, and nowadays it is a lot less intensive and a lot more enjoyable to use a flea and tick topical solution like Vectra. Once you have used Vectra, then watch all the deceased fleas coming out in the rinse the next time you wash your dogs. Flea preventative medications work quickly and that’s another part of the appeal towards them. If your dog is scratching feverishly because of the unwelcome guests, then it’s good to know you can put an end to that right quick.

There’s more to the importance of flea prevention for dogs – including all the nastiness that can develop if you put off dealing with it – and that’s what we’ll look at here today along with more on what makes Vectra for dogs such a good choice.

Reliable Ridder

Some dogs are good with flea and tick chewables, but for others a flea and tick spray are better. Vectra for dogs isn’t a spray exactly – you place it as drops at the base of the dog’s neck between the shoulder blades and allow it to be absorbed into the skin. Each application should eliminate upwards of 90% of fleas on the animal. A few may survive and live to tell of that terrible day, but they’ll likely meet their end shortly too.

The only need is to make sure that your dog stays dry while the flea medication is absorbed into their skin. This obviously means no bathing, but it also means no swimming or splashing around in the water. A flea and tick chewable is a better choice for some dogs rather than using a topical solution these tablets are just as effective as Vectra for dogs or any flea spray for getting rid of fleas. All of which is important because another issue with fleas is that your dog can bring them into the house and then they start appearing elsewhere and really upsetting the homeowner. Getting rid of fleas in the house is doable but like anything you need to get a handle on it quickly before the problem starts to grow.

Set a Trap?

We all know that mice find cheese irresistible and that it’s the perfect bait for a mouse trap, but fleas are an entirely different microscopic nuisance. Bait works for fleas too, although in this case it has nothing to do with anything that’s edible. The best bait for fleas is heat and light, and that’s how a lot of flea traps work – by fooling the fleas into getting into something where there’s no getting out. The simplest flea trap is one with dish soap in water with a tealight candle in the middle of the dish.

Vectra for dogs works well as a flea and tick for dogs’ medication, but if your dog tends to get fleas repeatedly for whatever reason then maybe it’s time to use a flea killer medication plus make a trap in your home so that any fleas that have made their way off your dog also end up being eliminated. Some fleas are sleazier than others, so every dog owner is going to want to take aim at the lot of them with more than one plan of attack. Flea and tick medication is just part of it.

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