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How to Get Vet Kem Flea Spray Without Vet Prescription

How to Get Vet Kem Flea Spray Without Vet Prescription

Fleas are accursed little devils for sure, and ticks are equally deserving of despise if you’re a dog owner. But as nasty as these critters are, at least they only bite and don’t burrow. To burrow means to dig, and it’s a verb usually used when talking about an animal, like a mole, digging into the earth. However, moles have never done anything wrong to anybody, whereas there is a type of fly that is truly the most vile of them all. Dog flea and tick medication is important, and this will eventually come around to explaining how to get Vet-Kem flea spray without a vet prescription. 

The good news here is that this is not a prescription medication, and you can buy Vet-Kem flea spray without a vet prescription. There is an active medicinal ingredient in it – piperonyl butoxide – which isn’t a pesticide itself, so the US FDA doesn’t require a prescription for its purchase. Vet-Kem flea spray prevents fleas and ticks on dogs by mixing piperonyl butoxide with pyrethrins to kill fleas, ticks, and another type of parasite that may well be one of the worst: parasitic flies. 

What we’re talking about are botflies, do worse than bite like a flea, tick, or even mosquito would. Indeed, watching a time-lapse video of what happens after a botfly bite on an animal is enough to make many people squeamish. A botfly doesn’t bite; it burrows, and once that’s done, what they do next may give you the heebie-jeebies if you keep watching. It has nothing to do with how to get Vet-Kem flea spray without a vet prescription, but the bug larvae grow under the skin and only pop out once they’re ready to enter adulthood. 

Nasty Stuff  

Another vote of confidence for using Vet-Kem flea spray is that it will kill botflies just as capably, and it will also eliminate mosquitoes and lice too. For some pet owners who only have to deal with pests from time to time, this OTC flea spray may be all that’s needed for the pet to keep on top of pest protection. The fact that it also eliminates the next generation of pests by killing flea eggs too is another significant aspect of how to get Vet-Kem flea spray without a vet prescription. It’s great that you can get such a multi-spectrum parasiticide as an OTC. 

There are prescription flea and tick meds that may be a better fit if your dog has a persistent case of fleas, and you may well be advised to use Simparica for flea control or something similar. But if you can get by with an OTC, then you’ll have no need to ask how to get Vet-Kem flea spray without a vet prescription. We have Bayer pet relief here from Canada at the lowest price always. 

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