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Vet-Kem Flea, Tick & Bot Spray

Pet Size

Don't know your pet's weight?

If you can't get them on the scale, try this super simple method:

  1. Weigh yourself.
  2. Weigh yourself holding your pet.
  3. Subtract the two numbers to get their weight.

Too heavy to hold? Your vet will weigh them if you ask (or may already have it on file if you call).


No Prescription Required

  • Description

    Vet-Kem Flea, Tick, and Bot Spray swiftly eliminates and repels a wide range of pests, including fleas, ticks, lice, mosquitoes, gnats, and various fly species. It also prevents flea and botfly eggs from hatching. This product is suitable for dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, horses, and ponies, providing two months of protection.

    Vet-Kem Flea, Tick, and Bot Spray combine the killing power of pyrethrins for adult pests with the long-lasting egg-killing abilities of an insect growth regulator. This potent combination offers rapid relief from biting fleas and continuous elimination of flea eggs. Additionally, it effectively deals with botfly eggs that adult botflies attach to horses' forelegs, shoulders, and faces.

    Before you buy Vet Kem Flea Spray for your pet, it is important that you talk to your veterinarian about its effectiveness and potential side effects.


    Brush your pet's coat to remove any tangles or mats. This helps the spray to penetrate the fur and reach the skin effectively.

    Hold the spray bottle about 12 inches away from your pet's body and apply a light, even mist, starting from the tail and working your way towards the head. Be sure to avoid spraying in the eyes, nose, or mouth.

    After applying the spray, gently massage it into your pet's coat, ensuring it reaches the skin. Pay extra attention to areas where parasites are known to hide, such as behind the ears, under the legs, and around the neck.

    The frequency of application depends on your pet's exposure to parasites. For best results, apply Vet-Kem Flea, Tick and Bot Spray every 2 to 3 weeks, or as recommended by your veterinarian.

    To maintain the spray's effectiveness, avoid bathing or allowing your pet to get wet for at least 24 hours after application.

    To prevent re-infestation, treat your pet's bedding, living areas, and outdoor spaces with appropriate pest control products.


    Active Ingredients: Methoprene 0.27%, Pyrethrins 0.20%, Piperonyl Butoxide 0.46%, N-octyl Bicycloheptene Dicarboximide 0.62%.


    This product is intended for external use on dogs, cats, and horses. Do not use on other animals.

    Ensure that the spray does not come into contact with your pet's eyes, nose, or mouth.

    If your pet is pregnant, nursing, elderly, or has a pre-existing medical condition, consult your veterinarian before using Vet-Kem Flea, Tick and Bot Spray.

    Some pets may be sensitive or allergic to certain ingredients.

    Do not allow the product to contaminate water sources or aquatic ecosystems. Dispose of empty containers in accordance with your local regulations and guidelines.

    Avoid using this product on pets that are sick, underweight, or recovering from surgery.

    Do Not Use on Kittens and Puppies Under 12 Weeks of Age.


    Vet-Kem Flea Tick and Bot Spray is generally safe for most pets when used as directed.

    Side Effects

    Vet Kem Flea and Tick Spray is formulated to be safe and well-tolerated by most pets when used as directed. However, like any product, some pets may experience mild side effects. These can include skin irritation, hypersensitivity reactions, salivation, behavioral changes, eye irritation.

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