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How Long Does it Take Simparica for Dogs to Work?

what is simparica for dogs

Pet owners are going to be the furthest thing from indifferent when it comes to their pet’s wellbeing and comfort. So if they see them enduring some serious itchiness and scratching futilely to get relief then their human isn’t going to stand idly by. The source of the problem isn’t always going to be fleas, but fairly often it will be. They’re nasty critters indeed, but if there is one thing you have to give them credit for it is their determination. But you are determined too, and you’ve got flea and tick prevention medications on your side. What is Simparica for dogs? It’s one of the best flea and tick control products available from a Canadian online pet pharmacy.

Here’s the thing though; most people are quite impatient these days, even if their dog is only impatient when it sees their human pick up their bowl at dinnertime. It’s generally best to be willing to wait, and of course there’s a saying that suggests good things come to those who do. But if you’re impatient about seeing results from a flea and tick treatment then that’s okay. You want to kill fleas fast, so how long does it take for Simparica to work? Is it a situation where a lot of those microscopic blood suckers are going to be dropping dead within a day?

That’s the question here, and if we lay out what is Simparica for dogs then we might as well talk about timeframes too. Different dogs and cats will do better with some flea control meds, while others will get better results from other ones. Good thing veterinarians know their stuff, and a whole lot better than we do. Right then, so how long does Simparica take to work? Let’s get into it.

Speedy Parasiticide

3 hours is a long time if you’re waiting for a pizza delivery. 8 hours is what most people spend in the office during their workday. But 3 – 8 hours isn’t a long time when it comes to medication starting to work. What is Simparica for dogs? It qualifies as a fast acting flea medication for sure because it starts to kill fleas within 3 to 8 hours of administering. And it continues to be reliable for flea elimination for the entire month. That’s another part of the appeal equation for Simparica, it works fast and kills all fleas but you only need to give them the medication 1x per month for a full 30 days of flea and tick defence.

The fact it is a flea and tick chewable is also a part of what is Simparica for dogs. Pet doesn’t like taking medication? Not that uncommon, but this flavored tablet is pretty darn tasty, and that’s just the idea. Dogs are wired to crave meat, and fancy that – Simparica tablets are liver flavored. If there’s a dog out there that will not happily devour a Simparica flea tablet we’d be shocked to hear of it. Once a month is infrequent though, and the responsibility for this flea and tick treatment regimen is all on you. If you have trouble remembering when it is that time again here’s the easy way to do it – set a reminder in your smartphone calendar or use a medication reminder app.

Next question about what is Simparica for dogs will be how fast does it kill ticks? Simparica starts killing ticks within 8 hours. Need proof? Give your dog a bath the next day and see how fleas – and maybe even a tick or two – wash out dead with the shampoo and down the drain.

Strong Straight Through

Another big selling point for Simparica in comparison to other flea and tick killer meds is that there’s no dip in effectiveness towards the end of each month of treatment. We talked about it being okay to be impatient, and it is also acceptable to expect your med to work as well from day 1 through day 30. You want to know what kills fleas best, and if your dog tends to pick them up frequently then maybe you will like how Simparica is a strong flea control chewable that stays strong all month long. Definitely good to know in this look at what is Simparica for dogs.

All fleas are equally bad, but when it comes to dogs and ticks the American dog tick and especially if you live in the Eastern US. Talk to your veterinarian and see if Simparica for dogs may be the best fit for making it so that fleas and ticks don’t have to be as big of a concern if you’re a dog owner. Because again your dog’s coat means you can’t see them there easily. What is Simparica for dogs? It’s a powerful and long acting flea and tick medication.

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