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Does Equi Spot Work

Does Equi Spot Work

Bugs will be bugs, and while you cannot blame them for doing what they are hardwired to do they are still intolerable. Mr. Ed was the only horse able to talk, but if yours could verbally agree to this they would. Horseflies are horrible, and the reason they have got the name they do is because it is horses that are tormented most regularly by them. You need to give them relief if you can and Equi Spot is a horse bug spray that is used often. But does Equi Spot work that well?

The fact that it is one of the most recognizable products as a horse insect repellant suggests that it does work well, otherwise you would assume horse owners would not be buying it as readily as they do. The same will apply to is Equi-Spot safe for horses. You can be assured that it is perfectly safe too. If it is your first time buying it then you will soon see that it is an OTC pet product, meaning you do not need a prescription to buy it. This horse spray contains permethrin, and it is an effective insecticide.

But it is only a 45% concentration and so it is perfectly safe for you to spray. Continuing with does Equi Spot work, we can also tell you that it is an especially good choice for pasture horses. Being put out to pasture may be a colloquial term for a horse that has come to the end of its working life, and in a sense, it is somewhat like when humans retire. Pasture horses are going to be stationary in the open more often, and that is why they have more of a problem with bugs. In some parts of North America blackflies are just as bad as horseflies for them.

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Some people will know those suckers as Buffalo Gnats, but the reason they are so despicable is that their bites can lead to the transmission of nasty disease organisms. Part of why does Equi Spot work is important is because horse caregivers want to be certain there is no chance of their horse developing something that is instantly a very serious health risk just because they have been bitten by a Buffalo Gnat. We have talked about biting flies here so far, but we should mention it is a yes too for does Equi Spot work for ticks.

Ticks on dogs is common, but horses can get them too. Ticks come with the risk of Lyme Disease, so this is another preventative box that is checked. You do not just apply it anywhere. Zone 1 is the head, neck, and chest. The best points for spraying are the top of forehead, side of neck or head at mid jaw line, or chest (brisket) area.

Zone 2 is the body and options are withers, upper or side of hip, and lower side. Zone 3 is the legs, and you should always spray on the back of the legs beginning at the knee (front) and hock (back).

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