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Ticks On Dogs - Best Tick Medicine For Dogs

Ticks on dogs

As a dog wonder, yes, it is very common for a canine companion to occasionally scratch itself. However, you might have problem if the itching starts to get out of control and continues for a long period of time. In such cases, it makes sense for dog owners to start worrying and speculating that their beloved pet might have been attacked by ticks.

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Tick Medicines
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It is no fun removing ticks from your canine in the summer or spring months. Not only are these nasty blood-suckers hard to find, but they are also filled up with your pet's blood and to grab and kill them, you will have to look at your pet up close. What you need are reliable tick medications for dogs, which have made killing and fighting these bloodsuckers easier.

Ticks On Dogs - How To Identify Ticks On Dogs?

There are some very evident signs that your dog may have ticks. Some common signs include itching, scratching and biting. However, there are other signs as well such as:

You find a tick in your home

If you come across a tick on the carpet, bedding or the floor then that means your dog may have brought it in. Instead of only brushing off the tick in your house, make sure to examine your dog properly and clean the house.

Your dog has a high fever

Your dog may exhibit signs of a high-grade temperature or even a mild fever if he or she gets bit by a tick. This fever may last for a day or it may even continue for weeks. Symptoms of fever include loss of appetite, weakness, shivering, or unusual panting.

Even though a fever can be a sign of some other sickness or symptom; but if your dog has a fever, then do check for ticks just to be safe.


If a tick is embedded into your dog, your dog may lick or pinch at the bite site. If you notice this kind of behavior or you find any unexplained scabs on your pet's body, then make sure that you visit the pet and get a close examination done.

Head shaking

If your dog suddenly starts to shake their head constantly, a tick might be hidden in its ear canal. Ticks mostly hide in damp and warm places and will crawl from the ground towards the dog's ears, groin or under the legs.

So, if your dog starts to shake their head more than it normally does, grab a flashlight and look carefully inside your pet's ear for ticks.

You find a small bump

While this seems like something very normal, feeling a bump on your pet while you’re patting it might be the first sign of ticks. If you feel such a bump, then don’t ignore this sign. Instead, part the hair of your dogs and examine it closely.

Are ticks harmful for your dog?

The answer to that is yes! Ticks can easily pass infections from one animal to another. They survive by biting your dog and feasting on its blood. They may live on your pet for several days, and once they have had enough, they will drop off.

These ticks can transmit microbes that can cause diseases such as babesiosis and Lyme disease.

If you live in a place where these pests are very common, then it is better that you grab tick medicine for dogs and treat your pet accordingly.

Lyme disease

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that may occur in your dog due to ticks. If your dog has Lyme disease, then you may find that your pet will lose its appetite and become depressed. Some other symptoms of this disease include fever, swollen joints, lameness, and swollen lymph nodes.

If you think that your dog has Lyme disease, visit your doctor right away.


This disease is also spread via tick bites. The incubation period of this disease is two weeks; however, some pets are not diagnosed with this disease until months or even years after its transmission.

Some common symptoms of this disease include depression, pale gums, swollen abdomen, fever, loss of appetite, and yellowish skin. If you start noticing these symptoms, take your pet to the vet right away for an examination.

Tick medicine for dogs list

If your pet has been infested with ticks, then your vet may ask you questions about its whereabouts and examine it closely with a complete physical examination. Once the vet has determined what kind of tick it is, they will advise you to buy tick medication for your dog.

If you’re wondering about the best tick medicine for dogs, below is a list of efficient tick medicines that can help you.

Vectra 3D

Vectra 3D is a fast-acting topical medication for dogs. It fights against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, mites, lice, and sand flies. This medicine can be used for dogs as well as puppies that are of 7 weeks of age.

This medication provides long-lasting protection against vectors causing and transmitting disease. Vectra 3D kills ticks as soon as it comes in contact with it which is why it is highly effective. This medication can kill around four species of ticks and will reduce their number within 24 hours. Vectra 3D prevents the development of immature ticks, making it a great medication.

This drug, currently available, can protect your dog for a whole month; it is quick drying, water resistant, and non-greasy. This medication remains effective even after bathing and swimming.


This is an FDA-approved medicine and is a broad spectrum parasiticide; it has a well-defined safety profile and is highly effective in protecting your dog against a variety of parasites. It can be used on dogs who are six weeks of age. It kills ticks, controls ticks infestation, kills fleas, ear mites, and prevents heartworm disease. It is currently available.

Frontline Plus

This medication is the #1 veterinarian-recommended medication to treat ticks on dogs. It has been approved for use on puppies of 8 weeks of age and has a long-lasting effect.

Frontline Plus is waterproof which makes it effective even after swimming and bathing. It can kill ticks all month long, and it helps in breaking the tick lifecycle for future infestation. This medication is effective for all stages and for various species including brown dog tick, American dog tick, the lone star stick, and the deer tick (which is the major carrier for Lyme disease).

You can easily grab the best tick medicine for dogs from World Pet Express without vet prescription to ensure the health of your canine companion.

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