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Does Advantage Ii Kill Ticks

Does Advantage Ii Kill Ticks

Birds and squirrels are two animals you’ll frequently find up in treetops. Birds will fly away, and the squirrels will scurry down the trunk if and when they decide to leave their lofty perch. Both have the good fortune of being fairly photogenic too, whereas a tick is too small and unattractive to ever have its photo taken. Why bring ticks into the discussion of treetop dwellers, though? Well, it’s because the most common way that dogs – or humans – get ticks is when they drop from trees and land on their victim.  

They’re dastardly insects indeed, and their sole aim of gorging themselves on their victim’s blood makes them public enemy #1 for many pet owners. Advantage II, a renowned flea prevention medication for dogs, raises the question: does it also kill ticks? It does not, given that it is not a multi-spectrum parasiticide. It works phenomenally well to get rid of fleas but does not eliminate ticks in the same way. Using Advantage II may be fine for dog owners who only need to concern themselves with fleas based on where they live. 

But other dog owners residing in parts of the USA where ticks are also prevalent will be better served by a flea and tick combo medication that can reliably vanquish either parasite. We’ll recommend a pair of them to close out this blog entry, but before we do, let's skip past "does Advantage II kill ticks" and instead look at why killing ticks is so important. 

8 Reasons  

There are eight different diseases or harmful health conditions that a dog may develop from a tick bite, and all it takes is one second of a bite for the transmission to occur. The first of these is the worst, and we’re talking about Lyme disease. We’ve explained that it’s a no for "does Advantage II kill ticks," and dogs with Lyme disease can have fever, lameness, lymph node swelling, and more. Plus, in the worst cases, it can progress into kidney disease, which can be fatal. 

All the more reason to prevent ticks on dogs as best you can. Canine ehrlichiosis is another nasty disease that ticks can spread to dogs, with unexplained nosebleeds often being the first sign. The other six are Anaplasma, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Babesiosis, Bartonella, and Hepatozoonosis. Dog owners who need to defend against both fleas and ticks can choose a medication like Sentinel, which can kill both. Tastier and all, but in all seriousness, the reality regarding "does Advantage II kill ticks" is that it doesn’t. It’s for flea prevention only, but we do offer flea and tick medications here at World Pet Express, always at the lowest prices. 

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