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Sentinel Flea and Tick Medication for Dogs

sentinel dog

Dogs have a peak in their athletic prime, much like humans do. When the dog is young, it has boundless energy that many people along with older dogs may be envious of. Some people must tire their dog(s) out to have the opportunity to then relax with them in the evening. A healthy heart is essential for all the running and jumping that comes with the spurs of energy the dog experiences, and that’s the reason that heartworms are much more a risk to your dog than fleas will ever be. Fortunately Sentinel dog is a medication that protects against both parasites.

We’ll start by saying not all worms are the same, and we should be tarring them all with the same brush. Mix up a few of the letters and earthworm can become heartworm. Some people might not know how essential earthworms are for good quality growing soil, but earthworms aren’t parasitic worms. Heartworms certainly are, and so are roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms.

The good news here is that Sentinel dog kills all worms, and it goes along with the standard flea and tick prevention which all owners need. But a dewormer for dogs is important too, primarily because you can’t mess with mosquitos either.

Why mention mosquitos? Well, it’s because a mosquito bite is the answer to your question of, “how do dogs get heartworm?” They are plenty sneaky about making their way to the heart, growing, and creating all kinds of major health risks for pets. So, how about nipping all of that in the bud by making sure your dog is protected against worms. Sentinel dog makes it easy and possible. The good thing is you only need to give it your pet once a month.

Choose to Chew

Ever met a dog that didn’t like a tasty snack? We haven’t either. In fact, we’re struggling to think of any type of snack dogs do not like. Foods that dogs shouldn’t eat are much easier to list out, but one thing that you’ll probably be surprised to see is how much some dogs like certain types of fruit. Extend a handful of blueberries to a dog and you may be surprised just how quickly they gobble them up. Try that with a cat and see how entirely unamused they are with your offering. Dogs may eat more but let’s also keep in mind that dogs typically will burn more calories in an hour than most cats do in an entire day.

So, if your dog prefers a flea and tick chewable that kills worms, then Sentinel for dogs will be the best heartworm medication for dogs. Keep in mind that there’s a connection between fleas and parasitic worms and why preventing fleas may prevent worms in dogs too. Fleas bites can give your dog tapeworms. Although they are not as much of a threat as heartworms, roundworms, or hookworms they can cause your dog to become emaciated – meaning way too skinny in simple terms.

A roundworm infection can lead to dangerous intestinal blockages and hookworms can cause blood loss that is very dangerous for puppies. Nothing to do with how do dogs get heartworms but these worms are sneaky invaders too and it is always best to take worm prevention medication like Sentinel dog so that there’s zero chance this ever becomes a possibility for your dog.

Beware Another Parasite

Use a heartworm medication like Sentinel for dogs and your dog will not get them or the 3 other types of worms either. It’s still good to know the signs of a heartworm infection, but one set of symptoms that you may see even if you’re using a worm prevention medication for dogs is the one for Giardia. Giardia is a single-celled microscopic parasite that lives in the intestine of the animal. If you find that your dog is constantly in gastrointestinal distress, then it may be Giardia. In this case, flea, tick, or worm killer medication isn’t going to prevent this parasite from using your pet as its host.

Fortunately, a good antibiotic medication will usually wipe out a Giardia infection quickly, and Metronidazole and Fenbendazole are two of the more common ones for this. Usually treatment for a minimum of two weeks is required, and this another type of the pet medications you can get a better price on when ordering pet drugs online from Canada.

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