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Where To Find a Safe Online Pet Pharmacy?

Are Online Pet Pharmacies Safe?

Pet owners everywhere want the best for their furry little family member and take pet care seriously. Part of being a responsible pet owner is purchasing pet medications as a reactive or preventative measure against illness and disease. Traditionally, most people buy pet medicine in stores. Pet owners might be skeptical and ask are online pet pharmacies safe? The answer is yes, and no. This is due to the fact that not all online pet pharmacies are equal. Pet owners should ensure that the site they choose is in fact safe. Once a safe site is found, like WorldPetExpress, dog owners can enjoy the benefits that an online pet pharmacy offers.

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What to look out for in an online pet pharmacy?

There are some ways that you can ensure the online pet pharmacy you are looking at is legitimate. Follow this guide to choose a safe online pet pharmacy to purchase pet medications:

  • Licensed Online Pharmacy

o   The most important factor in answering are online pet pharmacies safe, is if the online pharmacy you are looking at is licensed and certified. An online pet pharmacy is safe if they, or pharmacies where they source their products from are licensed. Do not trust a pharmacy that does not mention that they are licensed.

  • Vet prescription required or Pharmacists available for those without a vet prescription

o   An online pet pharmacy will be safe if they ask the buyer to provide a vet prescription. They may offer a service where pet owners without a vet prescription can talk to a licensed pharmacist. Do not trust an online pet pharmacy that does not provide a safeguard against incorrect dosage. 

  • Carry trusted brands

o   A legitimate online pet pharmacy will carry credible brands from around the world, from known manufacturers. Only trust sites that carry brands like Heartgard, Revolution, Frontline Plus, Sentinel, Nuheart, NexGard, and more. Do not trust unknown products that promise to be a “cure for all”.

  • Multiple payment options

o   This may be strange, but sites that are online pet pharmacies safe and licensed will allow multiple payment options. You can trust an online pet pharmacy that accepts Care Credit, MasterCard, VISA, Discover card. Websites that accept PayPal payments are also reliable. This is as long as this is not the only form of acceptable payment.

  • Secure Site

o   In addition to offering conventional payment options, a legit online pet pharmacy will also run an SSL encrypted website. This means that all your orders are secure, ensuring your personal information will not be compromised. Only shop from an online pharmacy where transactions are secured by VeriSign. This will keep your financial information secure.

  • Money-back guarantee

o   Only purchase pet medications from online pet pharmacies that offer a pharmacy, money-back guarantee. The online pharmacy must guarantee that its medication is not past expiration. Also, that they will offer reimbursement in case a medication does not perform successfully.

  • Easy to contact customer service

o   Finally, when searching and wondering are online pet pharmacies safe, only trust sites that have an easy to contact customer service. Look at the Contact Us page of the online website, and only trust those with both an email and a phone number. If an online pharmacy cannot easily be reached via a toll-free number during the day, every day, it may not be safe.

What are the benefits of an online pet pharmacy?

The availability of pet medication over the Internet is a relief. Still, pet owners wonder “are online pet pharmacies safe?”  Once the guide is used to find a safe online pet pharmacy, pet owners can sit back and enjoy the many benefits of an online pet pharmacy like WorldPetExpress. Some of the benefits include:

  • Cost

o   Are online pet pharmacies safe when they are so much cheaper than the vet? The answer is yes. Purchasing online versus buying from a vet makes a huge difference. This is because there is less overhead and access to a wider range of suppliers. Veterinarians have added their markup in the price of the medication which can sometimes increase the price by 100 percent. Buying from an online pet pharmacy allows owners to compare prices and make a decision without the sale pressure of purchasing for a vet.

  • Price Match

o   An additional benefit of purchasing pet medication online is the price match guarantee option. WorldPetExpress is one of the online pet pharmacies that wants their customers to save as much as possible. So much so that it offers a 100% price match guarantee. This is one of the great benefits of purchasing online.

  • Access

o   The most underrated benefit of purchasing pet medication online is access. Access to not only the medication your pet may need, but also access to cheaper prices offered around the world. WorldPetExpress gives Americans access to a Canadian vet pharmacy where quality, safe products are available at a fraction of the price. They offer even more options than local pet pharmacies. This allows those living in rural areas or are homebound access to more pet medications than they would normally.

  • Information on products

o   Purchasing pet medication from an online pet pharmacy gives you access to more information about products. Online pharmacies will provide articles with more in depth information like a review of Sentinel or a review of Revolution. They will also provide guides for finding the right product for you with specific articles like “Which flea treatment works best for cats” or “Get Rid of Mange in Dogs”. Access to information prior to buying is a perk of online shopping. 

Considering the benefits, pet owners need to join the 21st century and buy their pet medications online. Are online pet pharmacies safe? Just remember that not all sites are safe, so only purchase from credible sites like WorldPetExpress!

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