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Which Flea Treatment Works Best for Cats?

Which Flea Treatment Works Best for Cats?

Any time you see a commercial for a flea medication, it's almost always going to have a dog as the feature character and the focus of their caring owner's efforts to rid them of the nuisance of fleas. While it's true dogs may get fleas more regularly than cats, cats get fleas just the same as dogs do and cat owners aren't any less caring about their pet's well being. When it comes to flea treatments, one thing about nearly all cats is they are not going to tolerate having anything sprayed onto them, so a topical flea spray is going to be out of the question. So which flea treatment works best for cats?

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In the interest of being entirely honest with you, we have to say that prescription flea medications are always the answer to which flea treatment works best for cats. The most popular prescription flea meds are ones that are taken once-monthly for ongoing flea prevention all through the year. The best of them work to kill fleas AND the flea eggs and larvae. This 3-prong prevention approach is a large part of the reason why these types of flea and tick pills are where you should probably be looking for which flea treatment works best for cats.

These products do come with some risk of mild side effects, but none are especially serious or a cause for concern and most only occur in the rarest of cases. Keep in mind also that prescription medication – whether for humans or animals – must be certified by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) before they’re made available to the public through veterinarian’s prescriptions and pharmacies. When you pair this safety with their being effective flea medications then it’s hard to say they’re not the most effective and reliable flea medications for cats.

A Few of the Good Ones

Flea meds for cats may not be as common as flea meds for dogs, but a number of the more renowned and popular ones like Frontline Plus and Revolution Plus have versions for both cats and dogs. These two in particular are especially good for which flea treatment works best for cats because they also eliminate fleas AND ticks, and Revolution Plus goes one step further to also kill parasitic worms – roundworms, hookworms, and heartworms.

Another good thing about these flea meds for cats is that they can also be taken by kittens eight weeks of age and up, and Frontline Plus is waterproof – although you’ll be hard pressed to find any cat that’s okay with water! If you’re asking what flea treatments are safe for pregnant cats, Frontline Plus is the only of these ones that are flea pills safe for pregnant cats. If you cat is pregnant and you still want to use a cat prescription flea med then Frontline Plus is the way to go. 

And anyone with cost concerns related to treating their cat’s flea problem can rest easy. If you’re wondering how much does flea treatment cost for cats, the good news is that these once-a-month flea medication for cats aren’t very expensive. If you have your cat on one you likely won’t spend more than $100 for the entire year giving your cat a pill once a month.

Collar And / Or Shampoo?

A flea shampoo may be a legit option for a pet dog, but as we mentioned earlier we dare any cat owner to try to give their cat a bath and see how it goes. But what about a flea collar? While most cats will not tolerate having water doused all over them, they will be fine with wearing a collar. However, we have to say that flea collars are not a good idea. Not only are they only somewhat effective and will only eliminate some of the fleas, but they also often contain large concentrations of carcinogenic ingredients around the band of the collar.

While it’s unlikely any of those harmful ingredients will make its way into your cat’s mouth, it’s possible that you or your children may be petting your cat and unwittingly end up putting your fingers near your mouth. When you consider that flea collars are only slightly effective at the best of times, it really is better to choose a good prescription flea medication treatment for cats.

Natural Options

Now it is true that some cat owners will prefer a natural flea treatment for cats, and often that’s because of a mistrust of products with chemical ingredients. It’s important to understand that while you can choose a natural or organic flea treatment for cats, it’s very likely not going to be as effective as a medicated product. If you’re still determined to avoid pharmaceutical products or other ones that rely on a parasiticidal (parasite killing ingredient) then here are a few good options you can try.

Here are some good natural flea treatments for cats, but be aware than none of them are going to make our list for which flea treatment works best for cats. Not saying these approaches do not work, but it’s entirely fair to say they don’t work nearly as well. If you really want to ensure your cat doesn’t suffer from fleas at all, you will be wise to choose one of the prescription flea meds for cats that we offer here at World Pet Express.

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