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Where to Buy Vet Kem Products

Where to Buy Vet Kem Products

Pet care often becomes an all-encompassing focus for many dog and cat owners, and it's quite common for their pets to receive nearly the same level of doting care as their children. Skincare is a part of this, and Vet-Kem products meet the high expectations of those who want only the best for their pets' health and vitality. However, owning a pet can be expensive, and the healthcare products you buy may be setting you back more than necessary. This leads to the question: where can you buy Vet-Kem products without paying more than you need to? 

The answer aligns with a conclusion many Americans are reaching: ordering pet medication online from Canada often results in better pricing. Our online pet store at World Pet Express is ideal for both prescription (Rx) and over-the-counter (OTC) medications. One product always in demand, especially in early spring, is flea and tick preventatives. Vet-Kem flea spray is an excellent choice for dogs that have a mild flea problem but still need some form of preventative. 

Priced at just over $20 for a 20oz bottle, this flea and tick spray exemplifies how pet products are generally more affordable in Canada. As an OTC product, Vet-Kem flea and tick spray does not require a prescription and is effective in keeping pests off both dogs and cats. Yep, Vet-Kem spray can be used when cats have fleas too. 

Easy Order, Fast Delivery 

It's no surprise that we recommend ourselves as the go-to source for Vet-Kem products. While our lower prices on pet products set us apart from competitors, it's worth noting for new customers that our special offers include discounts of 2% or 5% off orders. These discounts apply to Vet-Kem flea spray and other similar topical medicated sprays. 

Many dog owners prefer flea and tick chewables due to their non-irritating nature during flea prevention treatment. You can find these chews here as well, offered at similarly reduced prices. Lastly, ordering Vet-Kem products or anything else from World Pet Express is advantageous due to our flat-rate delivery fee of $6.95 USD. 

The savings you'll experience here will likely offset this small additional expense, so please feel free to start shopping! 

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