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What's the Best Canadian Online Pet Pharmacy?

What's the Best Canadian Online Pet Pharmacy?

It has often been said that pet owners tend to have the same love and dedication for their animals as they do for their children. One thing that is pretty common is being firmly resolved to doing whatever it takes to keep either kids or pets in the best of health. Pharmacology has done wonders for keeping humans out of real danger with all sorts of infections, diseases, and conditions and fortunately it has done the same for pets. But as we all know everything costs more nowadays, and Rx medications were pricey to begin with. So, what is the best Canadian online pharmacy for US pet owners?

We can assume that low prices is going to be a priority in determining that for people, and if that’s the number one interest for you then World Pet Express can make a legitimate claim to be the best Canadian online pet pharmacy. Whether yours is a dog, a cat, a ferret, or even a fish you can find the medications you need here and be pleasantly surprised when you see how much less they cost in comparison to pet medication prices in the USA. That will apply to OTC pet medications too, and new customers can use pet pharmacy coupon code WPE10 to get 10% off their first order.

Another big part of the argument is in the way we can guarantee having the lowest prices on pet medications. If you find a lower price on any of them, make us aware of where we can see it for ourselves, and if that is the case then we will match that price. You’d also expect that the best Canadian online pet pharmacy will have 100% secure online shopping with shipping to the USA and we can give you those assurances too. $6.95USD flat rate for airmail shipping.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

So many people are choosing to get their medication online, and you have every reason to be getting your pet prescriptions filled online too right here at World Pet Express. If something is not right with your order, you have a full 4 weeks (30 days) to contact our customer service team and we will either rectify your order to your satisfaction or point you in the right direction with getting started on our refund process.

Most people looking for the best Canadian online pet pharmacy will have a 4-legged pet, and of course the two most common will be dogs and cats. One thing that’s pretty standard for all of them is that they’ll have their pet on a heartworm prevention chewable as well as a regular flea and tick prevention tablet. These are the types of pet medications they will be getting on an ongoing basis, and so saving money on them is going to sound plenty good. Finally, here in our look at the best Canadian online pet pharmacy we will say that most times your neighbors will be pet owners too.

Why not spread the goodness and let them know of the savings to be found at World Pet Express. We have got an incentive for you to do that and if you check out our special offers page, you’ll see how you can get an additional 2% or 5% off your order by referring to 1 or more new customers that also place an order. Best Canadian online pet pharmacy? You bet!

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