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How Fast Does Revolution Plus Work?

how fast does revolution plus work

Most dogs and cats tend to be fairly happy-go-lucky animals and many times us humans will envy them based on how seemingly good they have it. They certainly are fortunate to have 2-legged ones looking out for them nearly all the time, but in fairness there’s a lot of ways in which they can’t care for themselves in the way that’s needed. Take fleas and ticks for example; if you weren’t there to get rid of them for your pet, who’d do it? Revolution Plus is an excellent choice as a flea and tick medication that also kills worms. But if you weren’t around parasites of all sorts would have free reign to do as they please. So how fast does Revolution Plus work?

With fleas that could mean mange. With ticks that could mean the development of Lyme disease for the dog or cat. With worms it could be everything from emaciation from tapeworms to cardiac failure from heartworms in dogs. Heartworms are some of the worst, and Revolution Plus works for heartworm prevention too. It is one the best combination parasiticides for pets and your best price is always going to be when you order pet medication online from Canada. But one thing is for sure – protecting your pet against fleas, ticks, worms AND ear mites with one single medication has a lot to be said for it!

So okay, we have promoted Revolution Plus for how much of a broad-acting parasiticide it is, but now let’s tout it for another reason. It’s fast-acting too. Revolution Plus begins killing fleas within 6 hours of any re-infestation and killing any deer ticks, American dog ticks, and Gulf Coast ticks for a full month after ones dose. They may be able to latch on and hide from view, but by latching on they’ve pretty much signed their own death warrant. How fast does Revolution Plus work for worms? It is equally speedy and most worm larvae are killed within days over the course of the whole month.

In House Too

We know that Revolution Plus has formulations for both dogs AND cats, but is it true that ALL dogs and cats need to be using a combination flea, tick and worm killer medication? It is very rare to have a dog that stays inside all the time, but with a cat not so much. Some people might say ‘I have a cat that is exclusively an indoor cat, do I need to protect him / her from fleas, ticks, or worms? Different question from how fast does Revolution Plus work, but the answer is that yes you should still give them the protection even if they’re indoors all the time.

You may not need to get rid of ticks on cats when their indoors all the time as ticks fall from trees onto humans and animals. Piggybacking their way onto your pet via another animals is the most common way, but you may also track them into your home inadvertently via your shoes and then they’ll make their way onto your dog or cat from there. And yes, they’re not going to get worms indoors either although if you have another pet that goes outdoors then that becomes possible.

In this case you may do just fine with an exclusive flea and tick killer medication, and there are plenty of good ones that provide that type of protection only. How fast does Revolution Plus work? It works fast, and if your pet is ever outdoors then it is best to get the 3-in-1 parasite protection for pets option.

Stay Together

There’s plenty of evidence proving human beings as social creatures who are biologically hardwired to socialize. Is that true the same way for dogs and cats? It is true for most animals actually, although to a significantly less extent for many of them. This is more true of dogs than cats, and every family that has one of each will agree with that in a heartbeat. There are some cats that really crave interacting with other felines, but for a lot of dog it is way more of a priority and dogs that have another canine in the house are often better off for it.

The reason we mention all of this in a discussion of how fast does Revolution Plus work is that it’s a common belief that is one pet has fleas, ticks, or worms then they need to be kept separate from other pets in the home while receiving treatment. That is not true with Revolution Plus, there is no need to separate the animals and that is another huge plus to using this medication for flea and tick control as well as worm elimination in dogs.

How fast does Revolution Plus work? It works fast enough that most fleas and ticks are dead within a day, and protection from parasitic worms is ongoing.

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