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What is the Best Liver Supplement for Dogs

What is the Best Liver Supplement for Dogs

There are plenty of signs that a person has a healthy liver, but the one that is always most on display is visibly healthy skin that looks better and has the ‘glow’ to it that people talk about. Dogs may be the same way, but they are covered in fur and so that indicator isn’t as readily apparent. But if they were to be more hairless like we are then we might be able to see that same glow if their liver is doing well. Liver health can become compromised, so what is the best liver supplement for dogs? Aventi Liver Complete gets our vote. 

It is a good way to improve dog liver health because of the array of beneficial nutrients included in it, the most prominent of which is S-acetyl glutathione. You may have never heard of this stuff, but it is a powerful antioxidant that is made by the body and that is the case for nearly all beings, whether they are on two legs or four. Glutathione takes the liver’s natural detoxifying abilities and supercharges them, but when liver function in dogs has declined because of age it does more of making up for those now existing shortcomings.  

This is a big part of why most vets will agree with us on what is the best liver supplement for dogs. There are 28.5 grams of S-acetyl glutathione in each dose, along with a welcome wallop of B-complex vitamins that also work well to restore optimal liver function in dogs. And remember that it is an OTC pet product that you can go and buy at any time from a local pet store or get it along with other Rx drugs when you order your dog medication from Canada here at World Pet Express.  

Liver Restorer  

Going deeper into what is the best liver supplement for dogs, it may be helpful to understand what can cause a decline in liver health for pets. We won’t look at liver disease or liver failure because those are more serious conditions and ones that will require a more immediate treatment approach. In comparison to the long-term therapeutic maintenance one that you would have with Aventi Liver Complete. Animals of all sorts can be born with a predisposition for enzyme imbalances, and that really factors in here.  

There are four primary enzymes that play roles in liver health and function for pets (AST, ALT, ALP, and CGT) and what often happens is the dog is unable to properly defend against environmental toxins that compromise these enzymes when they build up. Mycotoxins that come from fungus and mold can be found in dog food, and so it makes sense to buy high quality dog food if you can supplement with brewer’s yeast can also improve liver function in dogs too. That is it for what is the best liver supplement for dogs, but you are encouraged to do more research and see a vet if you think your dog’s liver health is compromised.  

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