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What is Brewer's Yeast

What is Brewer's Yeast

Fermentation may literally mean when something is starting to ‘go bad’, but when you can take control of it then fermentation can really be a fabulous process. All sorts of examples of that from sauerkraut to apple cider and beer and beyond, and beer may well be the best of them if we are to look at it from a North American perspective. If barley and hops were not to start fermenting there’s be no suds to enjoy, but it turns out that the yeast that is an essential part of it all can also be good as a supplement for your dogs. So, what is brewer’s yeast for dogs?

It is an OTC supplement that you can very easily add to your dog’s food, and it can also provide the same health benefits for horses and birds too. Is Brewer’s yeast good for dogs? Absolutely it is, but the one thing we should say before we go any further is that you should not give brewer’s yeast to cats. Looking at how it works to provide health benefits we will swing around to fermentation again and how brewer’s yeast is made from a single-cell organism that is responsible for fermentation in America’s favorite alcoholic beverage.

But more to the point with what is brewer’s yeast is that the fermentation loads the yeast with a nice collection of B vitamins that have all sorts of different health benefits for dogs, horses, and birds. That can start with healthier skin, better coat, and improved liver function. The last of those 3 benefits is something that can really benefit older dogs and horses in particular. A lot of Vitamin B spectrum supplementation can be good for reducing anxiety in dogs too.

Repel Pests Too

Winged insects can be a pest to your pet in the same way skeeters and the like are a monster bother for you in summertime sometimes too. The next thing we will say in connection to what brewer’s yeast is that it can repel fleas and ticks from dogs and horses too. Birds are fortunate in that they do not have to deal with fleas and ticks, at least that will be true for the types of birds that people keep as pets most of the time. Some people in Florida have parrots trained to heckle their next-door neighbors while they are gardening, and we always like to hear of this stuff.

Brewer’s yeast is mixed with garlic in Thomas Lab’s brewer’s yeast, and it is believed that adding garlic to the formulation helps to change skin oil and sebum consistencies so that your dog it less enticing for flea and ticks. Since the 50s, brewer’s yeast has been known to have pest-repellant qualities, so there is something to this. You can order pet brewer’s yeast from an online pet pharmacy in Canada like ours and get the best price on it and suggesting you do just that is the last thing we are going to say around what is Brewer’s Yeast. It can help your dog in so many ways, and we have the best price on it here at World Pet Express.

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