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What is Galliprant for Dogs

What is Galliprant for Dogs

Over time humans may have evolved to walk on two feet, but dogs and cats have stayed on all 4s and obviously there is an evolutionary rationale for that too. We have all got to trust in the plan the higher powers have in bringing beings like us to life, but gosh darn if some of the ailments that plague us are hard to understand. Humans and animals alike can develop arthritis, and the inflammation that is behind the condition is very much an unstoppable force. But it can be countered at least and that leads us to what is Galliprant for dogs.  

It is an OTC arthritis pain reliever for dogs that is still part of the NSAID class of meds that you will usually need a prescription to buy. So as for where to buy Galliprant for dogs you can buy it right off the shelf at any pet store if they carry it, as well as having the option to order pet medication from Canada online if you would like to find a better price for Galliprant. It is not as expensive as Rx pet arthritis meds to begin with though, and that is a big plus too. Another big advantage is that it is known to have fewer side effect risks.  

That is where we are going next with what is Galliprant for dogs. If you are active in the online pet med community and comfortable with the lingo you may know how the active ingredient in this medication – Grapiprant – is a sulfa like most NSAIDs. But unlike more conventional pet arthritis relief meds it does not contain arylamine. It is arylamine that is at the root of a lot of the nasty side effects that come from dog osteoarthritis drugs. Diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, and weight loss among them. All the ones you would rather not subject your dog to. 

Fast Stiffness Fix  

Moving along with what is Galliprant for dogs we can get a little bit more into the pharmacological workings of it. Again, it is different from most NSAID medications for dogs here as well in that it doesn’t focus on prostaglandin the same way, but what it does do is block a prostaglandin receptor that is principally involved in pain and inflammation getting started. The reasons it is a better choice for dog arthritis treatment without side effects is because it suppresses prostaglandins, blood clotting and constriction of blood vessels. 

It is an OTC medication that works quickly too, something that will also sound appealing for dog owners who want to see their dog get back to themselves ASAP. Fast-acting relief is a part of what is Galliprant for dogs too, and often you will see noticeable improvement in your pet’s pain and inflammation within the first few days to a week or over the course of the first month at the very most. The dog’s age may factor into slower results, but you can still count on it working fast the same way you can for most dog joint supplements.  

You may want to pair this medication with physical rehabilitation therapy if your dog is experiencing arthritis in one joint more specifically, but this is something you can discuss with your veterinarian.  

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