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Buy Dog Joint Supplements Online Without Vet Prescription

Buy Dog Joint Supplements Online Without Vet Prescription

Cartilage provides cushioning, and when it comes to joints in the body then synovial fluid does wonders in keeping the cartilage as cushiony as can be. That is important because bones are hard and if the ends of two of them come together with not enough between them then pain and immobility is the result. All living things experience wear and tear on the body as they age, and your older pet may also be in a situation where the cartilage of their joints is not what it used to be either. There is good medication for dog joint pain, and so the question then becomes how to get dog joint supplements without vet prescription. Good news as Joint Formula from Vetalogica does not require a prescription.

So, you can dismiss the need to make an appointment with your veterinarian to receive their approval to use joint formula. The same will go for Dasuquin, another OTC pet joint supplement that works very well but does not contain any pharmaceutical ingredient like most arthritis medications for us will. Both contain natural ingredients, and that is why a prescription isn’t required for them even though they are very effective for treating dog joint pain.

For joint formula that natural ingredient is Glucosamine, and it is an integral ingredient in a lot of joint pain medications that we use too. Chondroitin Sulfate is another one but let us continue to focus on how to get joint supplements without vet prescription. Any time a medication doesn’t contain an actual drug it will be made available over-the-counter the majority of the time. That is the case for Joint Formula for Dogs, and so you can go ahead and buy it very simply from a pet store like you would any other pet product.

Keep Moving

Within a few weeks of giving your dog this pet arthritis medication you will likely see them becoming more spry and visibly relieved of their joint pain to a considerable extent. No doubt you will be pleased by it and the answer to how to get dog joint supplements without vet prescription is that you don’t need any prescription in the first place. But there are other ways to help a dog prevent cartilage breakdown that can go along with these OTC medications for improved treatment results.

First and foremost, with them is to keep your dog as active as possible while still expecting them to not be able to have the energy and mobility they used to. Doctors will agree with veterinarians, and they will tell their patients the same thing; keeping moving as well as you can is the best means of slowing the progression of arthritis and joint degeneration. That applies to joint degeneration in pets too, and even though it has nothing to do with how to get dog joint supplements without vet prescription you can give your pet a copper and zinc compound in their food too.

Those are two minerals that can improve cartilage in the body, and what most dog owners will do is mix or grind up the tablet into their dog’s food.

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