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What is Demadex

What is Demadex

There will be no mistaking the fact that something is wrong when a dog has edema, which is the clinical term for swelling in the leg. It is a very visible condition, and dog owners will tell their vet where they see it. The vet may advise you to come in for a visit with your dog, and it is quite often you will leave without a prescription and a recommendation to get Demadex. What is Demadex? It is an OTC pet diuretic for treatment of fluid retention and contains Torsemide, which is 10x more powerful than Furosemide.  

What may be less immediately apparent is when a dog has the beginnings of heart failure. That is why more regular checkups and tests with the vet are necessary as a dog gets older, especially if they start to become progressively more lethargic. The reason we mention heart failure here is that is the second part of what is Demadex used for. It is used as one part of treatment congestive heart failure in dogs, and it promotes excess fluid elimination so that sodium and chloride are not allowed to be present in excess amounts.  

Demadex is also the best choice when a dog has advanced heart failure and that is also because it has greater bioavailability than Furosemide, and if the dog is older that will compensate for their slower metabolic rate. It is more likely a dog will be on a multi-tier treatment regimen if they have heart troubles as compared to edema, so it is more likely those only getting one OTC pet medication from the pet store, or online pet store Canada in your case if you want the best price on Demadex. 

Nosebleed Stopper   

Continuing with what is Demadex, it may also be used for dog lung disease or in rarer instances it is given to racehorses when they have Epistaxis, which is a fancy word for nosebleed. How that works exactly we are not sure but most of the time people buying Demadex from World Pet Express are going to be getting it to treat dog edema. You will be paying more than $100 for 75 of the 10mg Demadex tablets if you buy from most local pet stores in the USA. That is not extremely expensive, but you may need them again.  

In that instance you should do what hundreds of Americans do each day – order pet medication online from Canada. 75 of those same 10mg tablets here will cost you way less than one hundred dollars and that should be all the convincing that is needed if your dog needs a powerful diuretic, and you want to get it online without a prescription. That is all there is for use to say about what is Demadex and you are encouraged to start your dog on it right away if they have edema or if your vet has advised it because of congestive heart failure.

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