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Best Online Pet Medication Pharmacy Without Prescription

best online pet pharmacy

The fatness of your wallet doesn’t have any bearing on how much you’ll care about your pets. In fact, many times low income pet owners care for their pets more because their pets are a more integral part of their lives. But where this factor can come into play is whether people can afford their pet medication without spending too much of their limited funds on it. Medication of all sorts tend to be more expensive in America than other places. And pet medicine is no exception. Ordering pet medication online is a way to pay less for pet drugs, so the question then becomes what is the best online pet pharmacy?

Americans are fortunate in that it is possible to order pet medication online from Canada. World Pet Express is among the contenders as the best online pet pharmacy. Even better news is that cat and dog owners looking to save money on pet medications can look out for these deals for one another. That’s why our pet pharmacy special referral offer is great. Refer a new customer with us for 2% off or refer 2 people to save money on pet meds too and you will get 10% off.

Pharmacies like ours have certain favorable advantages that allow us to make prescription and OTC pet meds available for less. We also know that it’s only a fortunate very few pet owners who have healthcare insurance for their pets. Others have no choice but to pay whatever price is attached to medication that their dog or cats need to maintain good health. As pet owners, we know this is something that is required. At World Pet Express, we’re happy to be your choice of best online pet pharmacy.

Priority #1

The type of prescription pet medication that is most used across North America is flea and tick prevention medication. Cats and dogs in either countries are at equal risk for parasites. Meaning that the fact they remain on a pet’s skin and not inside them is something of an advantage. This is mainly advantageous when it comes to getting rid of fleas and ticks. But the number one most dangerous parasite health risk for these animals is heartworms. Not only are heartworms most dangerous, but the fact they can’t be killed with topical solutions the same way flea and ticks are makes them a whole different type of problem.

As such, pharmacists operating the best online pharmacy expect high demand for effective heartworm prevention medications. Some pets show the signs of heartworm infection quite clearly, but others won’t make that clear for some time and then in some cases the animal may already be at risk of heart failure because of the worms. Every pet owner will want to help their pet live a long and happy life and defending against heartworms should probably be priority #1.

Mange or anemia can be caused by flea bites, especially if the person doesn’t do what’s required to get rid of fleas. But that’s something that is countered reliably. Cardiac failure? That’s something much more serious and should be regarded that way.

Pet Pharmacy without Prescription

You may be able to find non-prescription medication at the best online pet pharmacy, but you should always see a licensed veterinarian first. A licensed veterinarian will be better able to access which medication is best for eliminating fleas, worms. They will be knowledgeable in putting a stop to health risks that might put your pet’s health in serious risk. If you require a prescription pet medication then that’s another reason why WPE is the best online pet pharmacy, as you can simply send us a digitally scanned copy of your pet prescription and we can offer you lower costs for pet Rx.

This is something that’s true for most online pet pharmacies, not just ours here at World Pet Express. Another common health risk for pets is inflammation. Inflammation is at the root of pet arthritis the same way it is for humans. Dog and cat owners are dedicated when it comes to caring for their pet’s health, and when they get to old age many of them will have arthritis. Dasuquin is an excellent medication for arthritis relief for dogs and cats, and one you can get at a pet pharmacy without prescription because it is an OTC pet med.

There’s not just one best online pet pharmacy, and there’s going to be quite a few that will make the grade with what you want from them. Here at World Pet Express we’re certainly as good a choice as any, and we’ll always have prices that are as competitive as ones you’ll find elsewhere. Plus, don’t forget that special offer if there’s other pet owners on your street that you get along well with.

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