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What is Credelio for Dogs

What is Credelio for Dogs

Dogs have always disliked or even refused to take pills or tablets. If you had a family pet in the 80s, you remember your mom folding cheddar cheese around these pills so that your dog would agree to eat it. There are alternatives to oral flea and tick medications, and some topical flea sprays work just as well as the tablets. These days though flea chewable are best if you need your dog to swallow their medication, and because they are meat flavored you won’t need any cheese at all! This leads to what is Credelio, one of the better flea and tick chewables.

It does work well to kill high numbers of the parasite and starts to do it quickly, and this rapid assault and decimation of the flea ranks is a big part of the appeal for Credelio. It is super simple to give it to your dog and have them gobble it down willingly, and then from there on out you can be assured that fleas and ticks are going to rue the day they decide to set up shop on your dog. It is killing time, and the only unfortunate thing is how fleas are just gosh darn good at reproducing. They may not live long, but fleas multiply fast.

So, the next part of what is Credelio for dogs is that it may be the best fit for dogs that have mild problems with fleas. If flea infestations are worse your vet may lay off the donuts long enough to tell you that they may want to use a medication that also kills flea larvae or flea eggs too. There are some, but Credelio is only going to eliminate grown fleas and ticks. But it is extremely capable in that regard, and is Credelio for dogs safe? Absolutely it is, just make sure you give them only 1 flea chew a month. Pretty simple

Just 1%

We all know that when something is approximate it is not exact. So, when you hear that Credelio kills 99% of fleas it may be that more than 1% survive being exposed to the excitotoxin (Lotilaner) but even if it is 3 or 4% of their ranks it is still going to mean your dog being bitten a WHOLE lot less than it would be otherwise. And again, to make all of this happen all you need to do is feed your dog a meat flavor flea chew once each month.

This is the next part of what is Credelio, it is the perfect pairing of convenience and lethality. And the same will apply for ticks, and you may need to get rid of ticks on cats too. But ticks don’t arrive in numbers or expand their ranks the same way fleas do. Fleas bite and go, whereas ticks bite once and then latches on for as long as they like. Unless you are using Credelio flea chews. In that case the ticks will also ingest Lotilaner and suffer the same demise as the fleas will.

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