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How To Get Rid Of Ticks On Cats

How to eliminate ticks on cats

Ticks are a kind of parasite that is hidden on the skin of your cat and have the ability to bite on your beloved pet's skin and suck blood into their body. These ticks can be very irritating for your pet and can make it lethargic, restless and make it exhibit erratic behavior.

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Unfed ticks have eight legs and are very tiny; they can appear in red, brown, black and tan color but once they attack themselves on your pet, they can swell up to a size of a pea. These ticks can not only suck blood from your pests but can also pass on diseases from one animal to the next; for this reason, preventing, spotting and treating tick infestation is an important measure to take on your feline.

How Can Your Feline Catch Ticks?

If your cat has suddenly gotten ticks, then you must first figure out how your cat has been infested by them. There are many different ways your cat can provide a place to these blood-sucking insects. Cats tend to interact with other animals as they leave the house and this allows the ticks to move from one animal on to your cat very easily.

If you want to stop this from taking place, then it is advised that you do not leave any food on your porch and garden outside, as this can encourage other animals to enter your cat’s territory. Another way cats can come across these pesky insects is through you. If you love to walk outside in woodland areas or in garden and fields, then these ticks can easily get attached on to your clothes easily. They can cling to your clothing and hair as they hand on to branches and grass.

This means that even if you have indoor cats then even they are in danger of catching ticks and for this reason tick prevention is necessary. Also, remember that ticks can survive without any host and so can easily cling to your cat’s fur or to your clothing.

How To Spot Ticks On Cats?

Ticks on cats can easily be spotted since they are visibly large especially if they are feeding on your pet. They can look like tiny warts, and once you closely inspect them, you will find their legs as well. To look for these ticks, try to search in areas such as your cat’s armpits, head and the area around their neck. You can also part your pet’s fur and then run your finger around their skin. Tick bites can also lead to redness and irritation that you can see easily.

Tick On Cats Symptoms

Ticks can be a very risky problem for your beloved pet. This is because many ticks tend to carry different disease. When these ticks feed on your pet, these diseases get transferred onto them hence creating more problems for you.

If your cat gets infested with these ticks, it will show you the following symptoms:

  • Anorexia
  • Very high fever
  • Miscarriage
  • Depression
  • Occasional seizure

Look out for these symptoms and treat your pet with the best medication available right away.

How To Get Rid Of Ticks On Cats; Treatment

When treating ticks, never pull it out of your cat’s skin as this may leave the tick’s mouthpart behind which will further cause an infection. Instead, make use of the following medication to treat ticks on cats:

  1. Advantage Multi For Cats

This medication is also known as Advocate and is a topical medication ideal for cats and kitten. This product can be used on feline from seven weeks of age. It helps in preventing treatment of fleas, ticks, heartworm, ear mites, roundworm, and hookworm.

Advantage consists of two key ingredients, Moxidectin and Imidacloprid. This medication not only helps with ticks but is one of the few products that prevent heartworm and consists of exceptional flea control as well.

  1. Vectra

Vectra made with Dinotefuran and Pyriproxyfen is a fast acting product made to kill all stages of ticks and fleas on cats more than eight weeks of age. A monthly application of this medication can protect your feline from ticks and the diseases that they can carry. This monthly topical flea control product provides your pet with relief from tick infestation.

Vectra can kill ticks and fleas within a span of two to six hours and kills as soon as it comes on contact. The best part of this medication is that it is non-greasy and quick drying as well.

  1. Frontline PLUS

This is another best medication for tick treatment and prevention of other diseases. Frontline can be used on kittens of 8 weeks of age and even on pregnant, lactating and breeding cats. This product has the capacity to kill all fleas within a span of 12 hours whereas ticks and chewing lice can be killed within a span of 48 hours.

This product is not only immediate in effect but is also long-lasting and waterproof; this makes this medication effective even after bathing and swimming day. Frontline Plus also helps in killing all stages of the brown tick, American tick, lone star tick, and the deer tick.

  1. Program

Program is an oral tick and flea prevention medication designed for puppies and kittens of 6 weeks of age. This treatment inhibits the growth of fleas and tick and breaks their life cycle. You can offer this oral tablet to your cat by mixing it with their food.

To get immediate relief, you must combine this tablet with CAPSTAR and feed it to your feline.


Ticks can make a cat’s life miserable, and it is important to treat them right away. So keep a lookout for these blood-sucking insects and treat them with the best medication available today.

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