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How Long Does It Take Nexgard to Work

how long it take nexgard to work

Any pet owner with a dog or cat experiencing fleas is going to want those parasites eliminated as quickly as possible. Having fleas will not put your pet's life at risk, but they put the animal through real torment that is readily visible to the owners and no doubt it raises their ire towards those unwelcome fleas. Fleas establish themselves in masses, whereas ticks set up under the fur as individuals. Ticks can carry Lyme disease, so they need to be eradicated too. Nexgard is an excellent flea and tick-killer medication. How long does it take Nexgard to work? Just 4 hours is all it takes for parasites of either type to start dying. 

If you’re the type who wants to relish in the fact that these nasty critters have gotten what they deserve, here’s what you can do. Give it a day or two to let the number of dead fleas multiply, but then give your dog a batch. You can try that with a cat too, but let us know how that goes for you. If there are cats that are okay with being bathed, we have yet to hear of them. Use a good after-flea pet shampoo, and you’ll see many little black flecks washing out with the lather when you rinse and go down the drain. 

Fish food eventually? Maybe. But all that matters to you is understanding how long Nexgard takes to work and when you can expect to see your pet get relief from fleas and ticks. Some people will live in parts of North America where ticks aren’t prevalent, and if so, that’s something your dog or cat will benefit from. Others live in regions where ticks are an ongoing problem, but one of the things you can do is to search for ticks on your pet by using a fine comb and methodically parting their fur in sections to see where a tick might be hiding. 

Bloodstream Intro 

Continuing with how long it takes Nexgard to work, there are factors that will influence how quickly a medication’s active ingredient is incorporated into the bloodstream. We all know why fleas and ticks choose to latch onto a pet and bite them, so ensuring the medication becomes available in the blood is important. The active ingredient in Nexgard is Afoxolaner, and there are ways to boost a pet’s immune system naturally so that the body’s natural defenses are always at their optimal best. There is no connection between that and how long Nexgard to work, but it is something to consider. 

As is the way Nexgard works to kill fleas. We mentioned the active ingredient Afoxolaner there, and it is a powerful insecticide. The extent of its power and the fact that it can be absorbed into the bloodstream so quickly is why it starts to kill fleas within 4 hours of administration. Nexgard and the Afoxolaner in it work by making the fleas’ nervous systems go haywire, and this is how Nexgard kills fleas. Get your Nexgard flea preventative medication for the best price when you order pet medication online from us. 

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