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What Are the Best Dog Treats?

What Are the Best Dog Treats?

We think it is quite likely you have a favorite candy bar. Maybe not, but if you do then there is no way it is everybody’s favorite candy bar. You may think yours is the best one, but the guy or gal sitting next to you will choose a Payday over a Snickers or any other of the hundreds of different preference possibilities. The point here is that the best one of anything is a subjective point -everyone is going to have their own opinion about who or what is number one. The same is going to go if we try and decide on what are the best dog treats.

We do think that Awesome Pawsome are a solid contender for the crown, but again it may be that some dogs do not take much of a fancy to them at all. They might be the best for your dog while your neighbor’s pooch has a taste for snausages and pig’s ears and would not touch your dog’s favorite treats. We have heard of dogs that will go wildest over nuts rather than any milk bone or anything similar.

Long story made short we can’t provide a definitive answer to what are the best dog treats, but we will say that the buying habits of increasing numbers of pet owners suggests that all natural dog treats seem to be a better choice for their dogs. And so maybe we need to come it from that angle – the best dog treats being the ones that are the perfect mix of tastiness and healthiness.

All Natural, All the Time

Awesome Pawsome makes the grade there for sure, as each tasty dog treat is made up of all-natural flavors with no fillers or use of grain in the way many more ordinary pet treats are put together. There is also a greater volume of dietary nutrients in these snacks, and in that sense their higher nutritional value may well put them at the forefront for what are the best dog treats. Plus, they do not contain gluten and for many dogs this makes Awesome Pawsome chews easier to digest. It is likely that any good online pet store will carry them.

Add the great taste for dogs and they are checking more than a few boxes with what are the best dog treats. Beefy and Baconmania are always two of the most popular flavors, but chicken dumpling and salmon are also ones that will taste out-of-this-world good for any dog lucky enough to have one or more tossed in their direction. Before long you may find they are snatched straight out of the air and never even come close to hitting the floor. It is entirely possible once your dog starts to know the sound of the Awesome Pawsome pouch opening and realize what that means is about to happen. Snack time has never been better!

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