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Awesome Pawsome Beefy Bites Dog Treats

Awesome Pawsome

Pet Size

Don't know your pet's weight?

If you can't get them on the scale, try this super simple method:

  1. Weigh yourself.
  2. Weigh yourself holding your pet.
  3. Subtract the two numbers to get their weight.

Too heavy to hold? Your vet will weigh them if you ask (or may already have it on file if you call).


No Prescription Required

  • Description

    Awesome Pawsome dog treats are best for dog owners that are keen to give their dog a tasty treat but want it to be a healthier choice. These treats come in a variety of flavors and they are made of entirely all-natural flavors plus grain and gluten-free to make them rich in protein but still more natural and easily digestible.

    You can also go with vegan choices in pumpkin and peanut butter and cranberry treats. Awesome Pawsome premium dog treats are the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand’s gift to dogs all over the world, and you’re encouraged to see how your dog absolutely loves them too.

    You can buy Awesome Pawsome dog treats here at World Pet Express, and you’ll get the best price on them as is true for all dog health supplements or related products. Buy Awesome Pawsome treats if you want your dog to be snacking healthier but still getting maximum taste and satisfaction.


    • Inspired by recipes humans love
    • Vegan choices available
    • All-natural flavors with no fillers or grain as is common with many dog treats
    • Good source of added dietary nutrients

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