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Vetsulin insulin for dogs

vetsulin insulin for dogs

Insulin is the great equalizer when it comes to blood sugar, and it’s not like it is only us humans that rely on insulin to ensure glucose enters cells for energy production rather than being allowed to remain floating in the bloodstream. Animals produce and use insulin for exactly the same purpose, and if they’re insulin deficient or resistant then they’ll develop diabetes the same way we would. Vetsulin for dogs is what many pet owners will inject their dog with to keep their blood sugar levels from spiking, and not surprisingly pet insulin is expensive in America just like human insulin is.

People will still buy it for their dogs though, and that’s because Vetsulin U 40 for dogs is renowned as one of the most reliable insulins for dogs. If the medication is prohibitively expensive, however, and affording it is putting you in a tough spot then ordering dog insulin from Canada and World Pet Express couldn’t be any more highly recommended, and that’s because you can get a vial of Vetsulin for just over $50 USD and that is considerably less than what you would pay at a storefront pharmacy in the USA.

Even the smallest savings add up over time, and for pet owners who need a dog insulin but aren’t good with needles or injections can also choose to go with the Vetsulin insulin pen that offers the same convenience and ease of administration as insulin pens like the Ozempic pen and ones for other diabetes control medications. One important mention with Vetsulin insulin for dogs though is to always use the correct syringe; if you’re not using the VetPen then Vetsulin U 40 for dogs must always be given using a matching U 40 syringe.

First Things First

Being in the know about the advantages of Vetsulin insulin for dogs is one thing, but a dog owner that’s unaware his or her dog has diabetes needs to make that potential determination and see a veterinarian first. If that applies to you and your pet, here are signs of pet diabetes that can be what you need to heighten your suspicions:

  • Increasing urination frequency
  • Increase thirst
  • More constant hungry
  • Weight loss
  • Hypersomnolence
  • Eye clouding
  • Increasing dullness or dryness of the coat

Measuring a dog’s blood sugar levels isn’t going to be as easy for obvious reasons, but once you have met with the veterinarian, they’ll have a keener eye for this stuff and will give your dog a fasting blood glucose test. If it comes back indicating a fasting blood sugar level that’s high enough to warrant it, then you’ll be green lighted to start your dog on Vetsulin insulin for dogs. From there keep in mind that you can buy Vetsulin without a prescription in Canada, and that adds to the low-price advantage in a big way. Simply place your order here and when you buy Vetsulin from Canada our online pet pharmacy will ship it to your home in the Lower 48 or Alaska.

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