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How to Get Skunk Off Liquid Soaker Without Vet Prescription

How to Get Skunk Off Liquid Soaker Without Vet Prescription

Skunks will learn that humans are skittish because of the way we freeze up and slowly move away from them when we see them. We know what they can do, and skunks are a beep-around and find-out type of animal. Unfortunately, sometimes a dog must learn that the hard way. When that happens it usually means a lengthy chore for that dog’s owner, and what they need is an effective skunk spray to get that nasty residue out of their coat. So how about how to get Skunk Off Liquid Soaker without vet prescription?

There is no active Rx ingredient in this dog skunk spray, so you will not need a prescription to buy it. You may have other reasons you would need to see a veterinarian about your dog, but here you can just get Skunk Off from a local pet store and hope this occurrence is a one-off. Do dogs tend to learn their lessons quickly though? Not often, and so it is good to have Skunk Off around in case they have another dog skunk encounter. Skunks will not be shooed away either. Remember, they know you are intimidated. You may be big, but you are a sissy.

It has nothing to do with how to get Skunk Off Liquid Soaker without vet prescription but keep in mind skunks can get either of you with the spray from as far away as 4 meters. And if your dog is sprayed, it is better if they are not near the skunk, as it can be bad if it gets in their eyes. But again, there is not much you can do in these situations and as we have implied here as well if you had lunch money the skunk would be leaving with it too.

Tomatoes Too

Everyone knows the longstanding fix for when a dog gets skunk sprayed is to bathe them with tomato juice. It does work, but often not as well and everything is more expensive in America these days. Canada too, and Rx drugs are expensive for both humans and pets. There is no need to be concerned with how to get Skunk Off liquid soaker without vet prescription, and when you order pet medications online from Canada including, no prescription flea sprays you will pay less for them every time.

But we are talking about skunks here, and if you think about it the $13.99 USD price for the 8oz Skunk Soaker bottle here at World Pet Express is likely less than you would have to spend buying enough tomato juice to bathe your dog, and especially if they are a bigger breed. Imagine how much juice you would need if a Great Dane were to get sprayed by a skunk! There are some dog owners that use skunk spray and tomato juice together, and that is something you can try if your dog has had a bad encounter with a horse too. How to get Skunk Off Liquid soaker without vet prescription? It is easy – no prescription needed, and you can get it here right now.

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