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Buying Sentinel Spectrum without vet Prescription

Buying Sentinel Spectrum without vet prescription

Parasites are always a health hazard for your pets. Their effects may be mild or even fatal. Some of the common parasites that affect dogs are the heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms. All of these can be transmitted by the mother to their puppies as the immune system of the latter has not fully developed yet. In addition, fleas are another common health issue faced by the pets. Fleas can also transmit dangerous worms. Knowing where to buy Sentinel Spectrum without vet prescription can enable you to help your pets avoid such health complications.

Buy Sentinel Spectrum Without Vet Prescription

You should know that the end result of these diseases is usually anemia, weakness, and lethargy for your pet and this can even take a serious turn and become fatal. All these common pet health manifestations can be prevented. Keeping our pets healthy is an obligation as a pet owner. Furthermore, while you can get Sentinel without prescription, it's still recommended you consult your vet to avoid any future complications.

Why Sentinel Spectrum?

Sentinel Spectrum is a drug of choice used for prevention of 6 parasites, namely, young fleas, adult heartworms, adult roundworms, adult tapeworms, adult hookworms and adult whipworms in dogs. If given in the prescribed manner, you can save your pet from a number of diseases. And yes, you can easily buy Sentinel for dogs without prescription from a reliable online pharmacy.

Knowing more about Sentinel Spectrum

It is a beef flavored chewable which protects your pet from aforementioned 6 parasites. Its dose has been conveniently set at once a month for the total protection of your beloved pet. It is recommended for dogs and puppies that weigh more than 2 pounds and are more than 6 weeks old.

Benefits of Sentinel Spectrum

Sentinel Spectrum is the go-to for many pet owners because of the numerous benefits it offers. These include:

  • Preventing 6 parasites simultaneously.
  • Dogs usually love the beef flavored chewable.
  • This treatment leaves behind no messy residue.

Mechanism of action of Sentinel Spectrum

Its active ingredients are Milbemycin oxime, Lufenuron, and Praziquantel, which act to prevent flea, intestinal worms, and heartworm infestations. Sentinel Spectrum contains a unique insect growth regulator (IGR), which has the capability to kill flea eggs thus preventing them from hatching and turning into adult fleas. But remember, Sentinel Spectrum does not have any effect on adult fleas. So, to treat their infestation, other drugs have to be combined with Sentinel Spectrum.

Potential side effects of Sentinel Spectrum

After the administration of Sentinel Spectrum, certain adverse effects may be observed in dogs. These include:

  • Vomiting
  • Depression/lethargy
  • Pruritus
  • Urticaria
  • Diarrhea
  • Anorexia
  • Skin congestion
  • Ataxia, Convulsions
  • Salivation
  • Weakness

However, the rate of Sentinel Spectrum side effects appearing is quite low. However, even if you do buy Sentinel Spectrum without vet prescription, do consult the vet before administration.

Cautions when using Sentinel Spectrum

Some things you should be aware of:

  • Do not use in puppies and dogs who are less than 6 weeks old.
  • Do not use in puppies and dogs who weigh less than 2 pounds.
  • Before starting the treatment with Sentinel Spectrum, dogs must be tested for any existing heartworm infection.
  • If a dog becomes a victim of adult heartworms, they must be removed first as Sentinel Spectrum is not effective against the adult Dirofilaria immitis, which is the causative of heartworm disease.
  • Do not give Sentinel Spectrum if your dog is already on another heartworm medication.
  • In case if you miss a dose of Sentinel Spectrum or overdose your dog on Sentinel Spectrum, immediately consult your vet.

How should Sentinel Spectrum be given to your pet

Sentinel Spectrum's dose is based on the weight of your dog. Its dose is given once a month, and preferably it should be given on the same date every month. As heartworm disease is transmitted by mosquitoes, its treatment should be started one month before the mosquito season starts and continued for one month after the season ends.

In areas where heartworm disease is not seasonal, treatment with Sentinel Spectrum must be done throughout the year. After exposure to mosquitoes, treatment with Sentinel Spectrum must be continued for at least 6 months otherwise its effectiveness is lost.

You can buy Sentinel Spectrum without vet prescription in 4 colored packs based on the dog's weight.

  • Orange Box: For 2-8 lbs. dogs.
  • Green Box: For 8.1-25 lbs. dogs.
  • Yellow Box: For 25.1-50 lbs. dogs.
  • Blue Box: For 50.1-100 lbs. dogs.

In each class, one chewable is given once a month. For dogs weighing over 100 pounds, a combination of chewable is given.

Sentinel Spectrum needs food for proper absorption, so, it must be given with or immediately after a meal. For its full effect, Sentinel Spectrum must be chewed and not swallowed. If your dog has a tendency of gulping it down, then break the chewable into small pieces and mix it with your dog's feed.

Safety of Sentinel Spectrum

It is considered to be a very safe drug for the treatment and control of heartworm disease, intestinal parasite infestation, and fleas. Its active ingredient, Lufenuron, has been safely tested in dogs including puppies, pregnant females, breeding females, and males.

Buying Sentinel and Sentinel Spectrum without vet prescription

There are two formulas of Sentinel available in the market. One is simple Sentinel, and the other is the ever-popular Sentinel Spectrum. Both are effective in the treatment and control of fleas, roundworms, whipworms, hookworms, and heartworms in dogs.

The primary difference between the two formulas is that Sentinel Spectrum provides additional treatment and control for tapeworm also, along with the infestations mentioned above. This is why Sentinel Spectrum is recommended by the vets and is considered a better drug of choice for pet dogs.

Although price-wise, Sentinel Spectrum is more expensive than simple Sentinel, but its benefits outweigh the price difference.

Wrapping it up

Susceptibility of our pets to parasites will always be there. But thanks to drugs like Sentinel Spectrum, infestations by roundworms, tapeworms, whipworms and hookworms, heartworm disease and fleas, can be prevented and controlled.

Buy Sentinel Spectrum Without Vet Prescription

If you want to protect your pet dog, you should opt for getting Sentinel Spectrum without vet prescription online from a reliable pharmacy. The same holds true if you want to currently buy Sentinel without prescription. Make sure you administer the correct dose to avoid any complications down the road. Your pets' health depends on you. Do not let them down!

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