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Profender Cat Wormer Without Vet Prescription

Profender Cat Wormer

When talking about the entire process of deworming your pet, you must first understand why you should do it. A de-wormer is a kind of medication that is administered to your cat and dog that fights with the worms present in their digestive system. In other words, deworming your pet allows you to kill any kind of worms and parasites that may live in your pet’s stomach and intestines.

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As far as kittens are concerned, they can get affected by worms during birth if their mother is not de-wormed properly. It is essential that pregnant females are treated and dewormed properly in order to avoid transferring the parasites to their offspring.

Adult cats can also be affected by these parasites and develop severe intestinal problems. On the other hand, dogs must also be dewormed properly in order to get rid of internal infestations. These parasites present in the dog’s stomach can also be passed from the mother to the puppy. Puppies that get infested with these parasites can show symptoms of weight loss, excessive diarrhea and even become anemic.

Your pet can become contaminated by these parasites when eating their pray or ingesting roundworms in muddy and sandy areas. You will be able to tell that your pet is infested by worms since they will vomit and even have diarrhea mixed with blood.

Also, notice for a swollen stomach and if you find these symptoms, then get your pet dewormed right away.

The Different Kinds of Worm Present in Your Pet’s Stomach

Deworming as mentioned above removes parasites from your beloved pet’s stomach, but the question arises; what kind of parasites does it remove. Mentioned below are the types of parasites removed by a dewormer:

  1. Roundworms

A large number of kittens and puppies are born with roundworms that are microscopic in size. These worm larvae are introduced into their tissues through the mother’s uterus. The larvae of roundworms can also be transferred through the mother’s milk and then move to your pets intestinal tract where it can grow up to five inches in length.

These roundworms tend to shed their eggs and remain in your pet's stomach until they are dewormed. Female roundworms can lay roughly 200,000 eggs per day which is why it is important to get rid of these parasites.

  1. Whipworms

These parasites are more often seen in dogs than in cats. Adult and fully mature whipworms are seen in your pet's stool and look like a very tiny piece of thread with a single enlarged end. Symptoms of infestation of whipworm can be difficult to detect even in stool samples which is why pet owners are told that if they see chronic weight loss or mucous cover in the stool, then they must deworm their pets for this parasite.

  1. Hookworms

These worms are present in both dogs and cats and are also very tiny and small. These worms tend to attach themselves to the wall of the small intestine and suck your pet's blood. Your pet can be infested by this worm from soil contaminated with hookworms larvae or due to larval migration from the mother’s uterus.

Severe infestation of hookworm can even kill your beloved pet by making it anemic.

  1. Tapeworms

Tapeworm gets transmitted to your pet due to an external infestation of fleas. These worms also have the ability to grow up to 6 inches long in your pets intestine, and each tapeworm can have around 90 segments. It is important to get rid of these worms before they expand and make your pet’s health critical.

How To Deworm Your Pet

When deworming your pet, you can make use of many different medications. You can make use of pills and tablets orally, or you can inject the dewormed through the pet’s skin. Now, administering the dewormer orally may not be easy especially if you have a fussy pet and similarly injecting may hurt; which is why many people make use of de-wormer in a pipette.

The best medication for dewormer includes profender for cats and propantel for your pup.

  • Propantel For Your Pup

These propantel tablets for deworming your pup are very easy to use since they come with different flavors, you can buy the one your pet will like the most and mix it with their food. The active ingredient present in this medication will help in treating roundworms, tapeworms, and hookworms in your puppy’s intestine.

However, make sure to give your pet the recommended dosage in order to avoid any kind of side effects.

  • Profender For Cats

This Profender cat wormer is another exceptional medicine used to treat worms in cats and kittens. Profender is a topical dewormer and can be used in felines of 8 weeks of age and even older. This medicine helps in treating roundworms, tapeworms, and even hookworms. It’s easy to use and very safe and effective; you will only need to use a single dose in order to treat the worms irritating your cat.

This product gets packed according to the dosage and weight of cats. To apply this medication simply spread the content of a single tube on your pet's skin located at the edge of their neck; make sure your pet does not lick this area for up to one hour after application.

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De-worming your pet is an incredibly important step, and with medications such as propantel for your pup and profender for cats, you can easily do this. You can also easily grab profender for cats without vet prescription from World Pet Express. Here you can make use of medication for fleas and ticks as well and treat your pet to the best products present today for their ultimate well-being.

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