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Time’s Up for Tapeworms – Droncit Wormer for Dogs

droncit wormer

If you’re a pet owner you’re might be just fine with earthworms and may have even used one to catch dinner on your last camping trip at the lake. But when it comes to your dog or cat you are NOT okay with worms in any way, shape, or form. There’s more than one kind of parasitic worm that your pet can get, and for dogs in particular heartworms are the #1 enemy as they can cause the animal to have heart failure if they’re not eliminated quickly. Tapeworms aren’t the same risk, but they’re equally nasty and the fact that they can grow to up to 8” long. Droncit wormer is an effective deworming medication for dogs that kills tapeworms quickly.

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And in at least one way it’s actually good that they can end up being so long, as the way most people find out is a dog has tapeworms is to see them in the dog’s ‘droppings’ as we’ll put it. That’s not a very pleasant thing to see, but seeing what an unchecked worm infestation can do to a dog’s health isn’t pretty too. If you see your pet losing weight unexplainedly, having the quality of their coat degrade, or see them starting to get a pot belly from tapeworms then you’ll know something’s not right and it is an idea to inspect their waste to see if you can see and hard, yellow tapeworms segments in there.

Or maybe not if you have enough trouble picking up after them at the park. Ever tried a dog poop picker upper?

Droncit is a type of word you’d probably associate with a Star Wars character rather than a worm medication for dogs or cats. So you’re excused if you’re asking what does Droncit treat once you understand it is a drug and doesn’t have any of its origins in Sci Fi.

But enough about that. Let’s look at tapeworm risks for dogs and cats and why Droncit wormer is such an effective tapeworm prevention medication for getting rid of them.

Seen Scooting?

If you’ve ever seen a dog scoot then you know what we’re talking about here. It’s one of the strangest and – depending on your perspective - funniest things you’ll see but it’s actually no laughing matter because it almost always means your dog has some kind of intestinal or rectal infection. Dogs may scoot their bum around the ground when they have tapeworms, but there can be other reasons why dogs scoot too. Feel free to chuckle for a moment or two at the out-of-character behavior of your pup, before getting down to business to see whether they need a good tapeworm medication like Droncit wormer.

Another important thing to keep in mind is how dogs get tapeworms. It’s not some horror scenario where the fully grown and dastardly worm crawls into the dog or cat’s mouth when they sleep or go into their ear like something out of Star Trek 3: Wrath of Khan. It’s not anything like that, and what does usually happen is your dog swallows a flea that has tapeworm larvae. The flea soon dies, but the tapeworms just found a lovely spot to set up shop and enjoy the good life.

Well, not so fast there tapeworms – you may be able to keep things hush-hush for now but once a pet owner sees tapeworm symptoms they’re going to load up on the Rx supplies armed to eliminate you and your veterinarian can write you a prescription for Droncit wormer.

Fight Fleas, Fight Tapeworms

Now it probably goes without saying that the dog that is most likely to swallow a flea is going to be the one who has fleas. So an equally important part of tapeworm prevention is to combat fleas effectively too so that this whole tapeworm infestation thing never gets off the ground. It’s true that there are many multi parasiticide medications for dogs and cats, but many of the ones that kill worms, fleas, AND ticks will be able to target heartworms, hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms.

Many of them don’t kill tapeworms as part of their menu, and that’s why it may be necessary to pair your flea and tick medication with Droncit wormer. We haven’t even touched on ticks here, but they are right up there with heartworms in the enemy department as tick bites can cause heart failure too, especially in older dogs. Some parts of the country have a lot of ticks, while other parts of the USA hardly have any at all.

The last thing we’ll say about tapeworm prevention for dogs and cats and Droncit wormer is related to a common courtesy. The primary reason you should pick up after your dog anytime you’re off your own property is so nobody else steps in your pet’s droppings. But as you know some dogs might ingest droppings, for whatever reason, and that can be way that dogs get tapeworms too.

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