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Full-Spectrum Parasite Prevention – Nexgard Spectra for Dogs

nexgard spectra for large dogs

Fleas only live between 2 to 3 months, and in any other scenario you might feel sorry for them. But considering that during that short life all they do is torment your dog it’s time to shorten that lifespan even more. In fact, how about having many of them die in the next 8 hours? That’s how quickly Nexgard Spectra for large dogs works to kill fleas, and that’s just a part of what makes it one of the better flea killer medications out there. But it’s not just flea and tick medication for dogs. It’s also a worm killer which means you’re covered when it comes to flea, tick, and worm protection for dogs.

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Small dogs are often a better choice for people who live in condos in the city. But if you’re from out of town and are fortunate enough to have a nice big backyard for your dog, then that’s great and probably better for your pet’s health. But of course, being outdoors means dogs are more likely to get fleas and ticks in the first place. Ticks most commonly drop out of trees to land on dogs, then latch on with a bite. So, the place your dog is most likely to pick up ticks is forested trails.

There are some places in the USA that have more ticks than others, so if you live in one of these States it’s even more important to have a good flea and tick medication. Nexgard Spectra for medium dogs is an equally good choice if you have say a Beagle or any other medium-size breed. Then of course Nexgard Spectra for small dogs will be perfect for giving your dachshund or chihuahua the same full spectrum parasite protection.

We’ll touch on why it’s important to nip a flea and tick problem in the bud, and what makes Nexgard Spectra for large dogs such a good choice for that. Following that we’ll give you some tips on how to make the solution much more effective in getting rid of fleas.

Not in This House

The fact that fleas bite your dog is always going to be the main reason you want to exterminate them. Nexgard Spectra for large dogs is a reliable exterminator, and like we mentioned it works fast – starting to kill fleas within 8 hours and if you give your dog a bath the next day (recommended) you’ll see the results for yourself. That’s the other great thing about the product and Nexgard Spectra for medium dogs too. Because it’s a once-a-month chewable flea and tick tablet not a topical solution that means that your dog can jump in the lake right after eating their chewable if that’s what they’d like to do!

You need to kill fleas fast, because if your dog or cat brings them back into the house then you have a whole new problem on your hands. Skip the expense of an exterminator and get your cat and and dog Nexgard Spectra for large dogs once a month for full-year flea and tick prevention and making sure they don’t get worms too.

It’s also true that dogs get fleas much more frequently than cats, but we should mention flea prevention for cats here too with our discussion of Nexgard Spectra. It’s a little bit different, but cats like to eat this flea and tick chewable just as much as dogs do. It prevents worms just as effectively too, but heartworms are a lot more of a problem for dogs than cats. Cats are fortunate this way, because heartworms rarely grow to the adult stage in cats and so there’s less of a chance of them developing congestive heart failure like there is for dogs.

And your cat is probably never going to be jumping into any lake, so you can use a topical flea solution for cats. Or maybe not, as there are some cats that like to swim and aren’t afraid of water. But no matter if your cat is a swimmer or not, you really do need to get rid of fleas without delay because if they get into the house you may need to hire an exterminator.

Try This Too

In addition to using Nexgard Spectra for large dogs here’s something you might want to try to help your dog with fleas. We say dogs only here and not cats because unless you have a cat that likes water, yours is also not got going to accept being bathed.

Dogs are okay with baths, and one thing that you can do to help their skin heal from flea bite irritation is to give them an Apple Cider Vinegar bath to add to the effectiveness of the flea treatment for dogs.

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