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Is Prozinc a Good Insulin for Cats

Is Prozinc a Good Insulin for Cats

Garfield has to be the most famous cat, although if you know who Fritz the Cat is you’ll know who we think is the coolest. But Garfield is iconic as the moody, cynical and lasagna-loving / Monday hating slacker cat that America fell in love with in the 80s, and one of the most successful comic strips of all time. Garfield was a fat cat too, but as far as we know Garfield was not diabetic. He may have been on his way with his eating habits and sedentary lifestyle though. Would John Arbuckle have asked is Prozinc a good insulin for cats?

We will leave the talk about fictional cat characters there, because when a cat gets diabetes, it is the same type of serious matter as when your dog gets it. One of the most telltale signs for diabetes in pets is seeing them become progressively more and more thirsty all the time, and this can also be a sign of pet Cushing’s disease. Fortunately, insulin works the same way for animals as it does for humans, and it is what your vet will be prescribing if your older dog now has diabetes.

If you were to ask them is Prozinc a good insulin for cats, it is likely the first thing they will say is that it is the first recombinant technology insulin available for pets and that trials have shown it is more effective for pet blood sugar control because of it. Prozinc pet insulin provides optimal glycemic control and another good aspect of it is that it has an extended duration of action, up to 24 hours for some dogs and cats.

Bigger Drop

For some cat owners the best measure for is Prozinc a good insulin for cats, will be to have some concrete proof of its efficacy. Blood sugar is measured by deciliter per milliliter, and the trial results for Prozinc recombinant pet insulin should that levels dropped by between 45 and 60 deciliters, and that is considerably better than the same types of numbers attached to other older forms of insulin used for cat diabetes.

When you read up more on Prozinc you also see that it is being prescribed for cats that have not had good results from the pet insulin they have been taking. Replacement therapy is the next part of Prozinc a good insulin for cats, and it is reported that most cats switching to Prozinc begin to see major improvements with blood sugar control within 7 days.

By this point we’ll assume you’re sold and if you have a prescription for your dog the next question is where can I buy Prozinc insulin for cats? You can buy it from any online pet pharmacy, but if you want to get the best price on it then you should order cat insulin from Canada here at World Pet Express. You will be paying less for it, and for a lot of cat owners that makes it any easy decision.

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