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Is Dasuquin for Dogs Safe

is dasuquin safe for dogs

The inflammatory roots of arthritis are the same for humans and pets alike, but dogs and cats that become arthritic have it different because of the all-4s reality of their physiology and how they stand, walk, and carry their body weight. In a certain sense you’d think that a broader distribution of body weight would be a good thing, but not necessarily and it’s true that while humans can get terrible arthritis in their knees it is often in the hips where dogs especially get it the worst. Arthritis is often inevitable with age, but you can suppress it as best you can with a dog arthritis medication like Dasuquin. But is Dasuquin for dogs safe?

The answer to that is yes, it is safe for the most part but for some dogs there will be more of a chance of more intense side effects. We also know that arthritis treatment is what is Dasuquin used for in dogs, but it can also be used for joint pain relief stemming from traumatic injury recovery. That second scenario is one where the course of medication would have to be determined in extensive consultation with a veterinarian and maybe a rehab therapist for pets.

Dasuquin is available without a prescription, so you’re free to use it with your dog as you like but be aware it’s designed for use as a more natural dog arthritis treatment medication. Primary ingredients glucosamine hydrochloride and TRH122 are not pharmaceutical constituents in the same way the ones you’d find in an Rx product would be, and that’s why Dasuquin has been a popular choice for older dog owners who prefer natural pet healthcare when it’s possible to still get good results.

Along with is Dasuquin for dogs safe, we can definitely say from knowing people who’ve used it with their pets that it is effective for dog arthritis pain treatment. Dog owners that are suspicious about the hidden effects from Rx pain relief products will likely be pleased with how well Dasuquin works. The only complaint that some will have is that Dasuquin is expensive, but we have a fix for you there too if you’ll just read on here.

Patience Grasshopper

Obscure martial arts movies line references may not be your forte, but a lot of people here won’t know dogs inside out like you do. Dog owners will know when their dog is pain, and it usually involves the animals favoring one limb and leaning more heavily on another, or seeing them really struggle to go up and down to / from a resting position. Those same owners know that they’re responsible for the well being of their pooch right from the first day they bring them home as puppies, and they’re going to want to give them relief from dog arthritis pain as soon as possible.

We’re comfortable in saying yes to is Dasuquin for dogs safe, and the side effects that are possible are diarrhea, vomiting, and anemia (weakness). These symptoms are usually mild, but if they were to be severe (rare) then they might be in danger because of – for example – low electrolyte levels because of excessive diarrhea. That’s among common digestive issues in dogs. But it is very likely that these Dasuquin side effects are going to put your dog’s overall health in any real danger. The reason we talked about ‘as soon as possible’ above though is because if there’s one complaint owners are more likely to have it is this, along with is Dasuquin for dogs safe.

Dasuquin works well for dog arthritis pain, but it doesn’t work quickly. This is true, you should expect to be waiting a month to 6 weeks before you see your dog in noticeably less pain because of arthritis or joint injury.

Note Pre-Existing Conditions

The best piece of advice to give you around is Dasuquin for dogs safe is to say that you should have a good understanding of your dog’s health and what increased risks it might have before starting on Dasuquin. This means seeing your veterinarian regularly, and being receptive to what they have to say about your pet’s health. For example, if your dog bruises easily it may be an indicator of anemia in dogs, and if so it may be best to not use Dasuquin for dog arthritis treatment because they may already be anemic and the medication may make it dangerously worse.

Another one could by Lyme disease from ticks biting dogs. If this is something that your pet is affected by then using this medication may not be suitable. But is Dasuquin for dogs safe? For the most part it is. If you’re looking for a natural dog arthritis pain medication then it likely will be good for your dog.

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