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How to Apply K9 Advantix II

How to Apply K9 Advantix II

Pet owners with dogs or cats will never choose to have their pet get fleas or ticks. The unfortunate reality, however, is that it is something that just happens and you cannot choose to NOT have it happen either. The only thing that is in your control is to take a smart preventative approach, and if we are going to evaluate those approaches then flea collars, flea shampoos, and all other superficial fixes don’t make the cut. If you want to prevent fleas in dogs and cats and do the same for ticks, then a medication treatment is a must. K9 Advantix II is a good topical one, and so what we will look at there is how to apply K9 Advantix II.

Humans have pretty darn long appendages. That is the reason we can contort ourselves as needed to scratch even the hardest to reach places on our backs if we need to. Not the case for dogs and cats and pretty much every mammal save giraffes, but if you see a giraffe scratching its own back then make sure to get a photo and send it to us. The point we are making here is that there are some parts of the dog or cat’s body they just cannot get to, and the best one for how to apply K9 Advantix II is right at the base of the neck immediately between the shoulder blades.

Cats lick fastidiously though, and the problem with topical flea killer solutions is that it could be bad if any of that solution is ingested orally. But the reason that K9 Advantix II goes onto the skin at the base of the neck is because no type of pet is going to be able to reach the spot by any means and with anything. So, that’s the location covered with how to apply K9 Advantix II, so let’s move on to the application itself and a bit on how K9 Advantix II works.

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This flea and tick control medication for dogs and cats comes in individual dose dispensers, so the actual application is very straightforward. You open one dose packet by snapping the applicator tip off, and then you part your pet’s fur at the base of its neck. Once the skin is clearly exposed you then place the tip directly over the area and squeeze the dispenser slowly and gradually to put the entirety of the dose onto the skin. Allowing it to be absorbed into the skin without touching or rubbing it in is also an important part of how to apply K9 Advantix II.

We will wrap up here by briefly discussing how does K9 Advantix II works. There are 3 active ingredients – imidacloprid / permethrin / pyriproxyfen – and they are excitotoxin parasiticides. That means they kill fleas and ticks on pets by overexciting their nervous system and this causes paralysis that leads to death. It tends to happen quickly too, and as a dog or cat owner, that is what you want to hear.

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