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Flea on Dogs - Best medicine no prescription

Fleas on dogs - Best Medicine No Prescription

As a pet owner, the last thing you'd want to see is your pet in any pain. Pets affected by fleas experience immense pain, as these troublesome parasites feed on them, more specifically their blood. Thus, it is crucial for you to know how to prevent fleas on dogs along with proper treatment options that are available. These parasites not only irritate your little dog, but they also transmit diseases and other parasites as well; hence, why you need to take preventative measures against them to avoid serious complication down the road.

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Vectra 3D

Mentioned below are some of the various health concerns that your dog is likely to experience from flea infestation.

Fleas on dogs

Fleas are parasites that live and feed on the cats and dogs. They are wingless insects which move very quickly and can jump quite high. Flea bites irritate the skin and cause itchiness and inflammation. Fleas on dogs are not only a nuisance, but can also cause some serious but treatable health issues.

You should know that fleas on dogs can lead to different diseases. Common diseases caused by flea bites are:

1. Flea allergy dermatitis

Flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) is an allergic condition that is caused by flea bites. It is said to be one of the most common health issues that dogs infested with fleas suffer from.

When a flea bites your dog, the substances present in its saliva enter your dog’s skin triggering an immune reaction. The bite causes irritation and itchiness all over the body leading to skin infections and hair loss. Your dog will continue to experience these painful symptoms until these fleas are controlled.

Getting monthly preventative flea treatments for dogs is important. Consult your veterinarian immediately if you find your dog experiencing any discomfort, itchiness, skin lesions, or hair loss.

2. Tapeworms

If your dog chews at the irritated skin where the fleas bites are or even licks that area, it can swallow the fleas. These fleas, if infected with tapeworms, can transmit them to your dog's intestines. Take note, tapeworms in canines use their sharp, beak-like mouths to attach to the intestinal lining. Tapeworms live and reproduce in your dog's intestines and feed on the nutrients present in the food that your dog digests.

3. Bartonellosis

Bartonellosis is an infection that is caused due to fleas. While this infection is commonly found in cats, studies claim that dogs too are now becoming a victim. Although the signs of the infection in dogs aren’t as noticeable, veterinarians believe that the Bartonellosis bacteria affect the eyes, heart, and liver and cause other medical issues.

4. Anemia

If your dog is infested with these parasites, it is not only going to experience extreme pain and discomfort but is also going to suffer from fatigue. If a large number of fleas are feeding on your dog’s blood, then it is likely that your dog may develop anemia. This medical condition is quite serious, and you must get veterinary care, especially if you have a puppy.

Noticeable symptoms include fatigue, lethargy, rapid breathing and if the fleas are not killed, they could potentially lead to death as well. In case of a severe infestation, it is recommendable that you not only treat your pet for fleas but also treat your house and the surrounding outdoor areas as well.

Medicines for flea treatment for dogs

While there are many diseases for which you require a veterinarian's prescription to get the medications, however, for flea and tick control for dogs you do not require a written prescription. In fact, you can easily get medications for flea and tick control for dogs from online pharmacies.

Do make sure that the flea treatment for dogs and the pharmacy you’re purchasing from are authentic. World Pet Express is an online pharmacy that has authentic, effective medicines for your pets.

Let’s go ahead and answer your question about how to get rid of fleas on my dog.

Flea and tick control for dogs

Following are some of the best options for flea and tick control for dogs. All of these treatment options can be purchased from World Pet Express.

Frontline Plus

It is a topical flea and ticks monthly preventative that can be used for kittens and puppies that are eight weeks and older. It can even be used on pregnant, lactating, or breeding cats and dogs. Frontline Plus kills all of the fleas within 12 hours. It is long-lasting and waterproof; the preventative remains effective even after you’ve bathed and groomed your dog. It breaks the flea life cycle, preventing future infestations.

Simply place the tip of the applicator through your dog’s hair to the skin between its shoulder blades. Remember, one applicator is to be used per treatment. For effective results, don't bathe your dog for 48 hours both before and after the application. 


NexGard is a beef-flavored chewable tablet that you can give to your dogs. It helps in killing off adult fleas before they have the chance to lay eggs. This particular method of flea prevention is popular amongst veterinarians.


This is also a monthly oral preventative for fleas in both cats and dogs that are over six weeks of age. Program prevents the growth of immature fleas and breaks the cycle. However, this preventative does not kill adult fleas. You can give your dog Program tablets along with food. Make sure that the entire tablet is eaten.


It’s an FDA-approved parasite killer that can be used in dogs that are six weeks of age or older. Revolution is a monthly preventative that helps in killing fleas, their eggs, ear mites, ticks, etc.


It is a monthly oral preventive that prevents the development of flea eggs and can be used for dogs that weigh more than 2 pounds and are four weeks of age or older. You are to give your dog this preventative along with its food. Make sure to give the right tablet according to its weight. Sentinel, which is also called Program Plus, is safe and can be used for pregnant and breeding dogs. Sentinel will, however, not kill adult fleas.

Vectra 3D

It can be used for puppies that are seven weeks old. Make sure to check their weights beforehand. This preventative is fast-acting and kills fleas on contact. The protection from Vectra 3D lasts for almost an entire month. It is waterproof and remains effective even after bathing and grooming.


This is a preventative that can be used for puppies that are over eight weeks old. It is a monthly preventative that provides long-lasting protection against fleas of all stages. Vectra kills on contact; the dose depends on the size of your pet dog.

Wrapping it up

Fleas and ticks can be quite painful for your dogs to experience. That’s why it is better to take preventative measures beforehand. If your dog does get infested with these nasty parasites, make sure to consult a veterinarian as quickly as possible to prevent further medical conditions. Only administer reliable flea and tick control for dogs to ensure their health.

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