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How to Apply Advantage Multi for Cats

how to apply advantage multi for cats

Cats like to drink water, but that’s about the extent of what they’ll tolerate when it comes to water or liquids in general really. Yes there are cats that like to swim, but they’re few and far between and most cats will prefer to stay dry all over as much as possible. Fleas are the ultimate nuisance for all pets, although they’re not the worst of parasites that attack pets. You still need to guard against them though, and Advantage Multi Cats is a topical flea and tick killer medication. Topical means it is a solution, and your cat may be displeased to have it. This leads into our discussion of how to apply Advantage Multi for Cats.

When a cat does have fleas you’ll see it scratching furiously the same way you would with a dog. Their physiology makes scratching behind their ears and elsewhere pretty easy, but one place they won’t get with either claws or tongue is the back of their neck smack dab in the middle between their shoulder blades. That’s where this flea and tick solution is applied, and it’s the basics of how to Apply Advantage Multi for Cats. It’s simple and it’s a location they can’t disturb as the medicated solution is absorbed into the skin.

There are flea and tick chewables for cats that might be a good option, but with topicals this is the standard application spot, and because it is inaccessible. So if it is any other type of similar parasiticide medication this is probably where you’ll be applying it. Surely everyone can remember to do something just once a month, and that’s one of the biggest advantages of using Advantage. It’s a 1x per month flea and tick control medication that sees to it your cat doesn’t suffer because of these pests.

There’s more to how to apply Advantage Multi for Cats, and we’ll look at that along with why it’s important to get make sure do give cats protection against fleas and ticks. Fleas may be a source of major irritation and incessant scratching, but if you live in a region with a lot of ticks and your cat is a roamer then you need to doubly on guard against these nasty critters.

Go for a Reverse Rub

Now you may think we’re talking about something entirely different when we talk about rubbing things, but this term actually refers to a technique to find fleas on cats. They love affection as it is, and they likely won’t object to be rubbed any which way you try it. So try the reverse rub where you lift their hair starting right at the tip of their tail and moving upwards toward their head. You’ll be pushing against the grain of the hair’s growth and so it will be better to see if you can spot any of those tiny fleas.

This can be a good way to spot ticks too, and they’re seen much more easily than fleas are. Especially as they become engorged, and you had better believe that’s enough to make a cat owner furious when they see ticks on their cat. How to apply Advantage Multi for cats is easy and all you need is the applicator dropper to both measure the correct dosage and drop it right between the shoulder blades at the base of the neck.

Darn good thing that you do too when it comes to ticks, because even if you get to them immediately after they’ve latched on there’s the risk of your cat contracting Lyme disease. It may be unlikely, but it can happen and if it does your cat may have long-term serious health concerns. It has nothing to do with how to apply Advantage Multi for cats, but use the application technique properly and make sure you have the correct dosage and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your cat is protected against any possibility of Lyme disease.

Kills Worms in Cats Too

We’ve been plenty promotional about Advantage Multi Cats here, and that has to continue when you learn that this is a cat worm control medication too that will prevent your feline from getting parasitic worms. Heartworms are definitely the worst of the bunch, and the problem with this super serious infection is that all animals that get heartworms have it start with a mosquito bite. We talked about cats being roamers earlier, and a lot of them will spend hours upon hours outdoors if you let them.

How long after deworming a cat are worms gone is a fair question, and some meds may be used reactively rather than preventatively for that aim. But with Advantage Multi the worms are killed when they’re still in the larval stage, and long before they’re developed enough to do the damage. Still unsure about how to apply Advantage Multi for cats? There are instructions included with the packaging.

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