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How to Get Simparica Trio Without Vet Prescription

How to Get Simparica Trio Without Vet Prescription

Everyone can think of examples where it has been easy to choose the lesser of two evils. Times when both are bad but one is decidedly worse, even if there is not really much of a good vs evil thing going on at all. But when it comes to pet parasites it may be a situation where there is no lesser anything and all of them are the worst. They will see parasitic worms in dogs to be just as bad as fleas and ticks, and to kill all they will want Simparica Trio. So, this leads to how to get Simparica Trio without vet prescription.  

Now some people may want to visit their vet, and we are sure their gregarious nature makes that understandable. But most people live busy lives, and they would prefer to just get the medication they need for their pet without making a production of it. Well good news if so, because Simparica Trio is an OTC flea and tick killer medication that is named Simparica Trio because they lethality of the medication extends to worms too.  

You can also kill worms in dogs with Simparica Trio, and as such it really becomes something of an all-in-one combination pest killer for dogs. Fleas and ticks may be devilish biters, but roundworms and hookworms transgress in different ways and are equally worthy of being eliminated. There is not much to say around how to get Simparica Trio without vet prescription by this point, but there is more to say about how you can get this flea, tick, and worm combo medication for the lowest price when you get it from Canada.  

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Some folks might be a little surprised that Simparica Trio is an OTC and that the answer to how to get Simparica Trio without vet prescription is that you do not need one. Another part of the reason it is Simparica Trio is because it also contains 3 parasiticidal ingredients to give it the far-reaching and year-round dog pest control abilities it has. Moxidectin, Sarolaner, and Pyrantel are all effective for eliminating fleas, ticks, and worms but the FDA has determined there is no risk of misuse for people or pets and so no prescription is needed.  

How to get Simparica Trio without vet prescription? Just go and grab it off the shelf and start administering it to your dog. And that part of it is also going to join the multi-parasite protection part of Simparica Trio in what makes it such a popular choice for pet owners. It is a chewable tablet that is beef-flavored so dogs will readily eat it and you only have to give it to them once a month for year-round protection. That is also a big plus, and if you ever find that your flea and tick killer medication is too expensive then you can do what many people in the USA do – order pet medication online from Canada and get the best price on it.  

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