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An uninspired scratch every now and then is fine, but when dogs or cats start scratching at themselves feverishly then it’s usually because of fleas. The fact we humans aren’t covered in fur means we don’t have to deal with the torment, but we can imagine how awful it can be to be so itchy because of all the biting. And of course, we’re going to care for our pets’ well being and do whatever it takes to eliminate those fleas. A quality flea medication will work well, and the best ones also kill flea larvae so the next generation of parasites doesn’t stand a chance either.

Dogs and cats that are longhair breeds may have it even worse with fleas, and in part because their fuller coat means it’s even easier for fleas to avoid the tracking efforts of pet owners armed with flea combs or anything similar. And are flea collars effective? the answer is that they will eliminate some fleas but even the best ones aren’t 100% effective for getting rid of fleas and they will also only kill mature adult fleas. Those are the ones doing all the biting, but flea larvae won’t be affected by the collar and that means the problem will likely continue.

It’s for this reason and many others that an effective flea killer medication like Program is a much better choice to get rid of fleas on dogs or cats. It’s true that fleas are usually more of a problem for dogs, but unless you cat is entirely an ‘indoor’ cat there’s a chance he or she will pick up fleas too. There are often people who try to give their pets as little in the way of drugs as possible, but for reliable flea prevention you really should choose a good flea medication.

That’s probably the only way you’re going to see the feverish scratching come to an end, and believe us when we tell you that if your dog or cat could speak they’d be thanking you profusely for putting an end to the incessant itching.

Program Flea Control for Cats

Let’s leave the canines out of it for a while and talk about preventing fleas on cats. The first important thing to understand is that cats can have itching and skin irritation without fleas. It’s helpful if owners can recognize signs of other sources of skin irritation. Sometimes it can be because of over grooming, but in some cases, it may be best to take your cat in to see the vet. You should always be proactive in guarding your pet’s health, and if it is fleas at the root of the problem then an edible flea treatment for cats may be best.

The reason an edible one may be best is because cats are much more disagreeable to anything wet than dogs will be. Apparently there are evolutionary reasons why cats hate water, and some flea treatments for pets are a topical solution that’s applied onto the back of a pet’s neck. Most dogs will be fine with this, but many cats will not be okay with it one bit. The Program flea chewable is a better choice because there’s nothing ‘wet’ involved and instead all your cat will need to do is eat a tasty flavored treat once a month to kill fleas on cats and eliminate the flea eggs and larvae too.

Top Flea Medication + Tips

When pet owners deal with fleas right away and don’t mess around the outcome is always better for the dog or cat. If you suspect your pet has them then it’s best to see your veterinarian right way and have them write the prescription for your flea medication. Eliminating fleas as quickly as possible means the animal won’t have any chance of the skin ailments like atopic dermatitis or mange that can result from delayed treatment.

Keep in mind as well that using a flea medication is also important because of the way fleas can be brought back into your home by your pet. And if that happens and they’re in the carpets and elsewhere you’re going to have a much bigger problem to deal with, including the cost of having your home fumigated. This is why using a flea preventative is such a good idea to keep your pet protected from the pests all year round, and again with a flea medication like Program all that is needed is to have them eat one of these flea killer chews once a month.

Need a good flea medication? Good on your for being proactive in preventing fleas, and you’re in the right place here at World Pet Express.

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