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How to Get Equi Spot on Without Vet Prescription

How to Get Equi Spot on Without Vet Prescription

Insects are an indispensable part of the ecosystem, and as valuable as they are to the food chain we should also keep in mind that there is WAY more of them than there are of us and that is never going to change. So, let us give insects their due, but when it comes to horses there are few things worse than a horsefly. Or a blackfly, or mosquito for that matter even though mosquito bites are fairly common. None of them are to be tolerated in the slightest, and this leads to how to get Equi Spot On without vet prescription.

This medicated pest spray for horses does contain permethrin, but it has deemed to be a formulation that warrants an OTC designation. That stands for over the counter, and that means you don’t need a prescription to buy Equi Spot On. You may have other reasons why you need to see a vet about your horse, but getting Equi Spot On without vet prescription is not going to be one of them. You can simply go by your pet or horse supply store and grab it off the shelf and pay for it.

Darn good thing too, because if your horse is being tormented by pests, you will want to be clear on how to get Equi Spot On without vet prescription. Equi Spot is not an overly expensive pet OTC medication, but if the price of it does loom a little bit prohibitively over you then you should do what many other Americans do every day; order horse medication online from Canada and be assured that you are getting a much lower price on it. Providing that resource is why World Pet Express is among the most popular online pet pharmacies.

Know Zones

We have covered all we need to with how to get Equi Spot On without vet prescription, and from here on out we will assume that you know you do not need one to buy it. But where you may not be in the know is with the different zones on horses that are designated when you proceed to apply Equi Spot pest spray for horses. There are three ‘defense’ zones on your horse and knowing them is important to making sure you get best results from this horse insect repellant spray.

This is because Equi-Spot is most effective when applied in a way that has it spreading over the largest surface area of the horse’s body. It is for this reason that you do not just spray it anywhere, and you do not just apply it at the reaction site on the skin in the same way you would with horse topical pain reliever. Nothing to do with how to get Equi Spot On without vet prescription but let us conclude this entry by looking at these zones. Zone 1 is the head, neck, and chest. The best points for spraying are the top of forehead, side of neck or head at mid jaw line, or chest (brisket) area.

Zone 2 is the body and options are withers, upper or side of hip, and lower side. Zone 3 is the legs, and you should always spray on the back of the legs beginning at the knee (front) and hock (back).

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