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Not This Pet: Drontal for Cats or Dogs

Not This Pet: Drontal for Cats or Dogs

Fleas are one thing but when it comes to really serious threats to your cat or dog’s health, but it’s worms you need to be concerned about. At least with fleas you know what’s going on with all your pet’s incessant scratching, but there’s lots of times you’ll have no idea that your pet has picked up worms. Fortunately, there are good dewormer medications for pets, and Drontal is one of them. Now if we could only do something to make mosquitoes extinct, as the primary cause of the worst type of worms – heartworms – is being infected with the worm eggs from a mosquito bite!

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Right then, there’s no way to exterminate hundreds of millions of insects all around the world all at once. You may have to give your cat a different medication for heartworm prevention, but Drontal can take care of the rest of the nasty worms. So let’s get back to what we can do, and that’s give your four-legged friend Drontal for dogs or Drontal for cats for your favorite feline. It kills hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms. Tapeworms are actually really common, and if you see symptoms of a tapeworm infection in pets then it’s something to look into.

Veterinarians have ways of common to correct diagnoses very quickly with these sorts of things, and usually they’ll write a prescription for a dewormer medication like Drontal. And while it might no be something you like to think about, it’s fairly common to ‘see’ proof of how effective Drontal is for getting rid of tapeworms if your dog or cat has a normal, function digestive system.

Real Worm Worries

We fully understand if no one wants to talk about worms in any way, shape, or form. But we think it might be necessary to spell out exactly what these nasty critters are capable of if you don’t use Drontal for dogs or any other quality worm killer medication for dogs that will get rid of them quickly and effectively. None of the 3 worms that Drontal is capable of eliminating pose the same risk of congestive heart failure that heartworms do, but they can still pose major health problems for dogs.

And again, the problem with worms in dogs is that you often aren’t aware of them until they’ve had free reign to get up to no good in there for a long time already. If this makes you angry as the dog’s owner – good, it should! You should be resolved to preventing worms in your pet in a big way.

Let’s start with hookworms. There are plenty of hookworm symptoms in pets, but the main ones are anemia (ongoing weakness), loss of appetite, and a generally unhealthy appearance. In young dogs and cats it can be seen as an inability to gain weight when still growing, and lot of unexplained coughing.

And the number one way that pets get hookworms? Well, it’s also a little revolting to talk about, but it’s actually by eating contaminated poop or soil. Many dogs do this, although much to their owner’s chagrin and pleadings to ‘stop doing that!’ But it is what it is, and you can continue to try and prevent your dog from doing this type of behaviour. For cat owners, the better news here is that cats usually don’t find anything like that appealing or appetizing at all.

The Other Ones Too

Things don’t get any better when we look at the other type of worms that Drontal can eliminate as a parasitic worm killer for pets. We’re talking about roundworms, and they’re equally awful creatures that you’ll want to keep as far away as possible from your pets. Knowing roundworm symptoms in pets is a good way for pet owners to get the jump on treating a dog or cat for this parasite, and one thing about roundworms is that they’re not as affected by temperature extremes the same way other parasitic worms are. This means dogs and cats can contract them just as easily in winter as summer.

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One indicator that might prompt you to look into Drontal as an effective worm killer medication for pets is if you see you dog or cat with a distended stomach. That’s a very clinical term, and the more average lingo way of describing that is as a ‘pot belly.’ Which is a stomach that’s very pushed out and disproportionately large compared to the rest of the body.

While it’s true that Drontal will not defend against heartworms, it is an effective 3-way protection option for parasitic worm prevention for pets defending against tapeworms, hookworms, and roundworms. So if your pet gets worms, don’t beat yourself up or blame yourself as your furry one’s primary caregiver. It happens, but fortunately it’s an issue you can deal with fairly simply with a good dewormer medication.

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