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Droncit Spot-On for Cats

Droncit Spot on Tapewormer

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No Prescription Required

  • Description

    Droncit is a prescription medication used to kill tapeworms in cats and applied as a topical solution to allow the active ingredient in the medication - Prazinquantel - to be absorbed into the bloodstream and then metabolized by the liver. Tapeworms exposed to the parasiticide are killed quickly and it is recommended to begin use with Droncit at the first sign of a tapeworm infection. For most cat owners the effectiveness of the medication is evaluated by looking for signs of eliminated tapeworms in the cat's stools. Buy Droncit from World Pet Express and get the best price on cat dewormer medications.


    Droncit for cats dosage will depend on the size of the animal and will be indicated in your prescription after consultation with your veterinarian. The minimum dose rate is 8mg per 1kg of body weight, and this is equivalent to 1 tube of the medication per each 2.5kg of body weight.


    Hold the pipette upright.

    Twist the cap and pull off the cap.

    Part the hair on your cat at the back of the neck until the skin is visible.

    Place the tip of the tube onto the skin and squeeze the tube to dispense contents onto the skin.

    Allow the medication to be absorbed naturally and ensure that the treatment area does not get wet in any way.


    The active ingredient in Droncit spot on for cats is Prazinquantel.


    For use with cats only, and only for cats weighing more than 2.25lbs

    For topical use on the skin only, do not have cats ingest this medication orally.

    Keep away from children and pets.

    Wash hands after applying tapeworm medication for cats.


    There are no established drug interactions risks between Droncit for cats spot-on and other OTC or Rx medications that a cat might be taking, but it may be best to speak with a veterinarian and let them know of all medications your cat is currently taking before proceeding to buy Droncit online.

    Side Effects

    Side effects from using Droncit are not common, but some cats may experience skin irritation at the application site. If side effects are seen it may be best to stop use and meet with a veterinarian again to discuss cat tapeworm prevention medication alternatives.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Droncit

    What does Droncit treat in cats?

    Droncit is an anthelmintic used to treat most schistosome and many cestode infestations in cats. It effectively targets tapeworms and helps eliminate them from your feline companion.

    How does Droncit work?

    Droncit affects the permeability of the cell membrane in tapeworms, leading to their contraction. It also causes vacuolization and disintegration of the tapeworm tegument. These effects are more pronounced in adult worms compared to young ones.

    Can you buy Droncit over the counter?

    Droncit is not available over the counter. It’s essential to consult your veterinarian for a prescription before administering it to your cat.

    How quickly does Droncit work in cats?

    The onset of action varies, but Droncit typically starts working within a few hours after administration. However, individual responses may differ.

    What are the side effects of Droncit in cats?

    Droncit is generally well-tolerated, but some cats may experience mild side effects such as vomiting or diarrhea. If you notice any unusual symptoms, consult your vet.

    How long do Droncit side effects last?

    Side effects are usually transient and resolve within a day or two. If they persist, seek veterinary advice.

    Does Droncit make cats sleepy?

    Droncit is not known to cause drowsiness in cats. It primarily targets tapeworms without affecting their overall activity level.

    Can cats overdose on Droncit?

    While Droncit is generally safe, it’s crucial to follow the recommended dosage. Overdosing can lead to adverse effects. Always consult your vet for proper guidance.

    What type of worms does Droncit treat?

    Droncit, containing praziquantel, treats tapeworm infections in dogs and cats. It targets various types of tapeworms, including Dipylidium caninum (flea tapeworm), Taenia pisiformis (rabbit tapeworm), Echinococcus granulosus (hydatid tapeworm), Echinococcus multilocularis, Taenia taeniaeformis (affecting cats), and Spirometra erinacei (zipper tapeworm). Remember, Droncit is a prescription medication and should be used only under veterinary guidance.

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