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How Quickly Does Bravecto Kill Fleas

does bravecto kill fleas

Even one flea bite is the biggest of transgressions if you are a dog owner, and that means that every additional flea bite is unacceptable too. You want fleas vanquished as fast as possible, and your dog would say the same thing if it could. The feverish scratching is communication enough for that, and fortunately, flea elimination medications like Bravecto do kill fleas fast. Does Bravecto kill fleas? Absolutely it does, but for discerning and demanding owners that may not be assurance enough. 

They will want to know how quickly Bravecto kills fleas, and to answer that we’ll choose to take time frames. Everyone will know there are 60 minutes in an hour, so 2 hours being 120 minutes isn’t a long time. But there’s your answer for how quickly Bravecto kills fleas. It starts to kill them within2 hours of administering the medication to your pet, and on top of all that fast-acting parasiticide goodness, Bravecto can also kill ticks. All ticks at that – American dog ticks, lone star ticks, gulf ticks, and so on. 

The significantly long stretch of time is 3 months. With your answer to does Bravecto kill fleas in place, owners will be pleased that you only need to give your dog or cat this flea and tick killer medication every 12 weeks. Let’s do more basic math then; 56 weeks in a year means you’ll only need 7 Bravecto tablets for the whole year. And what’s more – these are flavored flea and tick chewable. Dogs love to eat them because they taste good and are meaty. Giving your pet medication is never going to be easier. 

Finishing Fleas, Trouncing Ticks  

Fleas can cause mange if they’re allowed to do their thing unchecked, but no dog owner is going to sit by idly and ignore their pooch scratching at their skin furiously. But ticks can be a lot sneakier, and you may not know they are locked onto the animal’s skin and are a bloodsucker the whole time. But with Bravecto you can be guaranteed they’re on their way out – or off as the case may be – just as certainly as the fleas will. 

This is a darn good thing because if you’re seen an over-gorged tick that is full of blood it is quite a disturbing thing. Nothing to do with does Bravecto kill fleas, but those swollen ticks are proportionately way fatter than your neighbor ever could be. As much as you might have thought that would have never been possible at one time. Granted, the tick will not be chain-smoking cigarettes and making obscene hand gestures toward you, but it is still plenty off-putting to see a tick when it’s feasting on a host like this. 

And when that’s your dog that’s hosting them, that means war. Does Bravecto kill worms? It does, so make that happen for ALL the parasites that have crossed the line and signed their own death warrant. Get Bravecto for dogs at the best price when you order pet medication online from us. 

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