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Fierce Flea Killer - Comfortis for Dogs

Fierce Flea Killer - Comfortis for Dogs

It’s said that many pet owners care more about their animals than they do themselves. I guess you’d have to be a pet owner to be able to relate to that, but it’s true that some get almost too attached to their dogs. That also means being super protective. If any other creature – two legged, four legged, winged, whatever – were to approach their dog and proceed to try to bite it you can be darn sure there would be a response. And it wouldn’t be a pleasant one.

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But you see it’s not creatures that are the problem here. It’s insects, and what we’re talking about is fleas. The issue is you can’t really see them doing the biting like you would with any larger attacker. What you will see, however, is your dog’s frantic and intense scratching and that’s when you need to get yourself Comfortis for dogs.

You need to get fierce with fleas, and that’s what Comfortis does.

Because unless you’re willing to spend hours and hours going over every centimeter of your dog’s fur with a flea comb, using an effective flea killer medication is the best way to get rid of fleas on your dog. All plenty important, as if you don’t deal with them your dog can end up being in an even worse way if they are likely to develop flea allergy dermatitis or another type of allergic reaction to flea bites.

Some breeds of dogs that are more likely to have allergies will also be ones that may be increasingly active outdoors or active in close proximity with other dogs, which then increases the chances of dogs getting fleas.

So do the right thing and be a PPO – proactive pet owner – and make it so that those darn fleas that have crossed the line pay for it with their lives. After all, how dare they bite your precious pooch. Using a flea preventative is always your best approach to making sure that doesn’t happen, or at least not for very long!

If those fleas want a fight, that’s what they’ll get!

Potent – And Tasty!

Comfortis for dogs has a lot of things going for it when you’re evaluating a flea medication. For starters, it’s a once-a-month flea pill for dogs that you give to your dog at the same time every month. Most people will just put a reminder in their smartphone calendar and then all that’s required is to pull out one flea chewable and feed it to him or her. That’s it.

And because the Comfortis flea pill for dogs is a chewable, dogs are usually all too happy to gobble it down as a tasty treat. From there the flea killing process starts and gets up speed really quickly – Comfortis for dogs was tested and the results indicated it kills 100% of fleas on dogs within 4 hours of taking this chewable flea killer tablet.

But what makes Comfortis one of the best flea killer medications is the fact it not only kills fleas, but it also kills flea larvae so that the next generation of these pests won’t have a chance to be crossing any lines themselves and biting your dog.

Plus, as mentioned it’s beef-flavored. Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve yet to meet a dog that doesn’t like beef. Some dogs dislike pills so much their owners have to mash them into dog food. With Comfortis for dogs, you can be almost certain that’s not going to be the case.

Keep in mind as well that some dog owners increase the effectiveness of flea medication by also using coconut oil on the dog’s skin. If you find that Comfortis for dogs works well but you’d like to see even better results when getting rid of fleas then this is something you might want to try.

Easily Obtained?

One of the things that’s been talked about is how Comfortis for dogs can be obtained without a prescription. However, that may not always be the case depending on the online pet pharmacy that’s dispensing the medication. It does make sense though, as it’s a proven safe flea medication for dogs and you really don’t need to have any concerns provided you only give your dog one flea killer tablet a month.

Nexgard is another flea prevention med that works very well too, and the consensus among veterinarians is that if you’re comfortable with using Comfortis for dogs then you can be the same if you need to use Nexgard instead. Read here for a more detailed comparison of Comfortis and Nexgard.

If ticks are a problem for your dog too, Nexgard may be the better choice as it is a flea and tick killer chewable and not just a flea killer chewable like Comfortis. And overall a chewable flea prevention tablet is often the best choice as an alternative to flea spray or a flea collar. With an edible flea killer tablet that a dog eats, there’s nothing that humans or other animals need to avoid coming into contact with.

Cats part of the family too? You can also get Comfortis as an edible flea killer tablet for cats too and it works almost as effectively as Comfortis for dogs.

Show Fleas Who’s Boss

You need to make it clear that no one is going to get a pass when it comes to putting your dog in distress and discomfort. Rather than using a just adequate flea removal treatment like a flea spray or a flea collar, you’ll speed up and maximize the flea killing process by giving your pet Comfortis for dogs once every month. Pretty soon it will become a routine, and any fleas that do make their way onto your dog will soon be meeting their demise.

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