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Comfortis without a Vet Prescription

Comfortis Without A Vet Prescription

Fleas are blood-sucking wingless creatures that consume blood from the host organism. There are dog fleas, cat fleas, and even human fleas. Unlike any other parasitic insects that use their wings to search for a host, fleas use their legs and can jump for their supper from one organism to another.

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These blood-sucking insects have an average length of 1/6 to 1/8 inches and can jump vertically up to seven inches and cross a distance of more than a foot. These fleas are very strong but they do not rely entirely on their muscle power when they jump. Instead, they rely on a protein in their body known as resilin, and this protein is present in a specific part of their body known as a pleural arch.

This resilin can be used as a spring and helps these insects in leaping from one place to another. These fleas can easily transmit diseases and carry them from one animal to another. It is best advised that you use Comfortis for dogs as soon as you can to not allow these fleas from coming near your pet. The most common disease carried by this flea is flea bite dermatitis.

Life Cycle Of The Fleas

These fleas can be an issue for your pet in the warm weather months and even in the colder areas due to their life cycle. It is important to spot these fleas as soon as you can before they can multiply and grow. The flea life cycle has four main stages.

  1. Egg

An adult female flea has the tendency to lay up to forty eggs in one day. Even though the eggs are laid on the host, which in this case is your dog or cat, they fall down from the host into the environment. These fleas enter in pet beddings, carpets, upholstery, and wood floors. These eggs can then hatch within a day or two.

  1. Larva

Once these flea eggs hatch, the larvae emerges. These larvae or tiny worm looking creatures survive by feeding on flea feces present in the environment. The larva then goes through three skins before it is able to spin a cocoon and enter itself into the pupal stage. This larval stage can last for around five to fifteen minutes.

If you find any flea dirt on your pet, grab Comfortis for cats and start using it immediately.

  1. Pupa

Once the larva is in the cocoon, it starts its transformation into an adult flea. The cocoons are almost indestructible and can attract dirt and debris that may allow them to camouflage. This pupa has the ability to remain inactive in the environment for many months.

Fleas in this stage will not emerge until and unless they can sense a host. They are able to sense a host by factors such as vibration, warmth, and carbon dioxide the host exhales.

  1. Adult

A new and fully developed flea will get out from its cocoon as soon as the host is near and available for them to feed on. This newly adult flea can jump on its host almost immediately and start feeding on its blood.

A female adult flea can then start to lay eggs almost 24 to 48 hours after having its first blood meal. She can then defecate out the blood from the host that can fall into the environment along with the new eggs as well and this will start the flea cycle all over again. These adult fleas can live in the environment for two to six weeks depending on the conditions and how suitable it is for them.

Some pet owners do not wait to spot fleas and instead use Comfortis without vet prescription right away to prevent these fleas from occurring.

Dangers Of Fleas

Apart from the fact that flea infestation can be incredibly gross, they can also bring various health problems for you and your pet. These fleas also bring multiple diseases, and some of these flea diseases include:

  • Flea Allergy Dermatitis

A single bite from an adult flea can cause this allergic reaction in your pet, and this can cause your pet to lick and scratch itself excessively and even get hot spots. These dog hot spots are patches of skin that can become a big wound if your pet itches and bites on it. Even if your pet licks this wound, it can spread the bacteria all around it.

If you discover a hot spot, then immediately grab Comfortis for dogs and treat your pet.

  • Cat Scratch Disease

Even though this disease does not really affect cats, it can easily be transmitted from the cat to the owner. It can cause the owner high fever, fatigue, and severe headaches. For some owners, this disease can even weaken their immune system. To protect yourself from this disease, you must grab Comfortis for cats and use it even if you do not spot any fleas in your environment.

  • Tapeworms

If your dog nips on his skin and swallows a flea, and if this swallowed flea has ingested a tapeworm, then your dog may also become a host for these worms. Tapeworms can cause irritation, weight loss, and attach itself to the dog’s intestine, causing more problems.

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To avoid these problems, you must use Comfortis for dogs and get rid of fleas once and for all. You can get Comfortis without vet prescription, so instead of wasting money on a visit to the vet, you must grab this medication and protect your dog from these blood-sucking animals.

With the fast life cycle they have, it is important that these animals are treated as soon as they are spotted lurking on your beloved pet.

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