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Where to buy heartgard?

Where to buy heartgard?

To buy Heartgard online get to Canada's most reliable pharmacy; the World Pet Express and avail your Heartgard at the most affordable price, without having to compromise on the quality of the pet med. So what is Heartgard? And why exactly World Pet Express?

Buy Heartgard

What is Heartgard?

Heartgard is a medication given to dogs once a month in order to prevent various forms of worm infections, especially heartworm infection. It also controls infestations and treats hookworm and roundworm infections. It is given orally to dogs and is beef-flavored; making it easy for you to make your dog or pup administer it.

Heartgard is only given to dogs and pups above 6 weeks of age. It has two primary or active ingredients namely ivermectin and pyrantel pamoate. It works by disrupting the neuronal transmission in parasites causing their death or paralysis. Reports and studies suggest that Heartgard rarely has the body of a dog or puppy reacting negatively to it; thus, no more to fuel your worries regarding the side effects.

Why should you buy Heartgard from World Pet Express?

Indeed, the question that arises here is why one should buy Heartgard medication from World Pet Express specifically. The answer is quite simple that they are one of the most reliable pharmacies based in the US and Canada. Not only do they have reliability, but offer you Heartgard at a very affordable price too.

Still not convinced much? Here is more to it:

They are only one call away!

To buy Heartgard for your dog, you do not have to take out time and drive off to a pharmacy to get them. Instead, they will make sure your order comes to you! You can place your order online by simply signing up on the website, and adding the product to the cart. Not only does this save your time and energy, but does not disrupt your daily routine.

Customer Service

While ordering Heartgard online from World Pet Express, you may also contact them directly through a call for further assurance. The customer service team works tirelessly and happily throughout the week to make sure all your calls are answered, and you are left with no queries but satisfaction in the end. You can also visit their website and email them your concerns; they get back to you as soon as possible.

All queries regarding the intake of Heartgard, side effects that Heartgard may cause, the way of intake of the med, and all such things are addressed in detail.

No prescription letter or recommendation from a vet required

To place an order for Heartgard on World Pet Express, you do not need to take your dog to a vet in order to get a prescription. Your pet meds are delivered to you as per your commandments directly at your door-step, and their team provides you up with all the information you need to know regarding the product.

Heartgard at an affordable price with 100% quality formulation

At World Pet Express, it is believed that your precious pets matter more which is why the quality of medicines is given the utmost importance. Thus, it is made sure that not only Heartgard but all the wide ranges of pet meds that are offered by them are always put up on affordable prices on the website before customers. So order Heartgard for your adorable dogs and ensure their health without having to worry about your budget!

Apart from the cheap price Heartgard is available at, the pharmacy also guarantees that the product is 100% original made with high quality ingredients. Thus, the pharmacy offers Heartgard at the best prices available without having to compromise on its quality. Indeed, World Pet Express knows the worth of your lovable dogs and puppies. So browse through World Pet Express, and place your orders for Heartgard after signing up now!

Orders are delivered on time

At World Pet Express, it is made sure that the customers are always left with a good impression, and do not have any complaints. The orders of your chosen prescriptions are processed as fast as possible, and it is made sure that your orders are directed towards your doorstep safely without having you to wait for long. Yes, your orders are delivered on time, that too without any inconvenience. What else does a customer want?

Your information is safe with them

At World Pet Express, the trust a customer puts in them is held in very high regard. It is made sure that at all costs, the privacy of the customer is not breached; the orders placed, the identity of the customer, and their details such as their address or contact means are always kept confidential and safe. The website they run is SSL encrypted and supported by Let's Encrypt Authority X3; making sure that your privacy is never at risk.

World Pet Express has pharmacists that have prior experience, and are licensed as well!

Unlike many, World Pet Express is a certified Canadian pharmacy and only hires pharmacists that have a license to sell pharmaceutical products. It is made sure that all the pharmacists have prior experience to ensure that every order is safe and high quality. This is also the reason why you do not need vet recommendations or prescription letters to have your pet meds delivered at your door-step. You have a question? Ask away instead of driving all the way down to a vet to confirm. This also shows how reliable the pharmacy is.

Buy Heartgard

So get your hands on Heartgard through World Pet Express as soon as possible and keep your dogs away from harmful worm infestations!

For any Inquiries or to Purchase over the phone Call Toll Free: 1-888-798-9128

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