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What is Profender for Cats and How to Apply Profender for Cats

what is profender for cats

Cats may not come home as messy as dogs tend to, although they can come back scratched up after a scuffle in the same way. Some pets are more rambunctious than others, and that applies to all pets equally. It likely applies to tropical fish and hedgehogs too, but of course the fish have no choice but to stay home all the time and the hedgehogs wouldn’t go anywhere even if they could. The fact that dogs and cats are the two that are most often out and about is why they are the ones that come home with worms more regularly. A worm prevention medication is needed, so what is Profender for cats?

It’s an effective worm killer medication for cats, as an anthelmintic medication that’s what it does exclusively – kill worms in cats. It kills nearly all of them, including the tapeworms that may be the reason why your cat has unexplainedly lost weight. How to apply Profender for cats? Also easy, and the only real stipulation is WHERE you apply this medication. It is applied as droplets, and you must place those droplets right at the point where cat’s spine meets the shoulder blades at the base of their neck and right in middle.

There’s more to what is Profender for cats, but that is all you need to know about how to apply Profender for cats. Make sure you measure the right amount of topical solution into the dropper and then apply Profender in just that spot and you’re all done. There’s no way your cat can lick that location on their body, and that means the full dose is absorbed undisturbed. Full parasitic worm protection for cats done just like that.

Ounce of Prevention

It’s said that an ounce of it is worth a pound of cure, although suppose that would need to be in kg if we’re going to be modern and metric about it. Giving your cat a worm prevention medication is definitely better than having to deal with worm symptoms in cats and this especially true with the risk of heartworms in cats. They are far and away the most dangerous worms but roundworms are the most common. Cats in North America getting roundworms is as common as them being transfixed by tropical fish, and if you’ve ever had both fish and cats in the same house you’ll know exactly what we mean.

Circling back around what is Profender, it is a roundworm prevention medication too and it also kills hookworms as a full spectrum dewormer for cats and we’ve already explained that how to apply Profender for cats couldn’t be much easier. The only other thing we’ll mention for that is that it is best to try to apply it around the same time every month. If you can’t remember to do that as reliably as you like you can simply put a reminder in your phone’s calendar app.

Good for You Too

Worm prevention for cats should be a priority for another reason, and that’s the fact that if your cat picks up one of these squirmy parasites then it’s possible you may end up with it squirming in you too. Definitely an unpleasant thought, but infected feces from cats can get around even if you’re among the cleanest. And you don’t need any type of real contact to get them, you can get the same way you cat can just by walking over them in some cases. Another view on what is Profender might be seeing it as a means of preventing this scenario from ever playing out.

Keep in mind as well that fleas can be the cause of some worms in cats too. Profender is a worm killer for cats exclusively, so if you also have a problem where your cat is coming home with fleas then you may want to use combination flea and worm prevention medication that you can also find here when you order pet medication online from Canada.

The last thing we will say with regard to what is Profender is this; there are plenty of worm control meds for cats out there, and many of them may work just as well as Profender does. Talk to your veterinarian and see which one he or she thinks is the best fit for your cat based on their age, activity levels, and whether they’ve been on cat worm preventative before.

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