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What is Levemir

What is Levemir

Even if you are not diabetic you will know what insulin is and it is the same for dogs, although they will not know why they are getting a needle so often. But it becomes a routine thing and after a while they probably don’t even notice it when they are getting it nearly if not every day. For dog owners a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis for their pooch is going to be disheartening to hear, but insulin works well for dogs too and it is more affordable when you order pet medication online from Canada. So, what is Levemir, and why is it a better choice for some? 

It is because it is a no prescription pet insulin. While you can order Levemir from Canada and World Pet Express for the best choice it is best to do so only if your veterinarian has suggested it for your dog. If that is the case you will not need to obtain a prescription from them, and you can either get your OTC dog insulin here or from your local pet store. We are sure the staff there are wonderful, and it is good to support local business, but we suggest you only get dog food and snacks there, maybe dog shampoo.  

As for the how it works part of what is Levemir, it contains insulin detemir and just like any insulin it promotes less blood sugar production from the liver and more insulin production from the pancreas. There is more to how insulin for pets works, but we are sure that is all you need to know here. Many pet owners like that can administer this medication themselves, and the FlexTouch pen is user-friendly the same way Ozempic pens are for humans. Levemir works similarly for pets to lower blood glucose.  

Longer Lasting 

Is Levemir a long-acting insulin? Another point that is maybe somewhat connected to what is Levemir is why more dog owners with diabetes will want to get this medication. It is a no prescription dog insulin, but it is also one that is known to provide longer-lasting blood sugar control, which is important for dogs with a slower metabolic rate. Another tip for dog owners who are new to this is to administer insulin while the dog is eating and this way, they can associate the quick prick as something that’s still part of a pleasant experience.  

Also related to eating, the dog should also be more on a diet that is high in insoluble fiber. Owners allowing their dogs to eat improperly is a contributor to dogs having diabetes, but more insoluble fiber with better dog food means they will have better dog digestive health too as a bonus. There is not much more for us to say around what is Levemir, so again we will stress that you can order Levemir from Canada here at World Pet Express and get the lowest price on an OTC insulin for dogs. With the FlexTouch pen the injections are so easy.  

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