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What Is Heartgard Plus for Dogs

what is heartgard plus for dogs

Good heart health goes a long way to ensuring a dog can live into its golden years, even if those golden years come far too early for its owner’s liking. The Seven years-for-one equation is regrettable for sure, but during a dog’s life, they bring so much joy to their owner’s life. Part of maintaining good heart health is protecting against heartworms. These are the worst parasitic worms because they can lead to congestive heart failure in dogs. So, what is Heartgard Plus for dogs? It is an effective heartworm prevention medication that thousands of pet owners will swear by. 

They rely on this heartworm preventative because they know it’s proven to work, and Heartgard Plus for puppies is equally recommended. Just be aware that you should wait until your puppy is more than 8 weeks old to start them on this heartworm tablet for dogs. But starting them or a dog of any age on it certainly won’t be a challenge. Heartgard Plus is heartworm chewable, meaning it’s not a tablet or pill but instead is a beef-flavored chew that dogs will happily eat as a treat. Give it to them just once a month, and they’ll be protected against heartworms. 

Looking more into what is Heartgard Plus for dogs, we can also say that prevention is even more important given how hard it is for anyone – pets included – to avoid mosquito bites. Why mention mosquitoes at all? Well, for starters, they’re everywhere, and then they bite dogs just as often as they bite us. The mosquito bites deliver the heartworm microfilariae into the dog’s bloodstream and get them started. 

Your dog will get bitten, and it is very much a roll of the dice whether or not that mosquito will come with the possibility of a heartworm infection. Using a heartworm medication like Heartgard stops that from happening. 

Florida Exception  

Florida is the southernmost state in the Southeastern region of the USA, an area that is known to have a higher incidence of heartworm infections in dogs. The risk of infection is high from Texas and Oklahoma over to Georgia and Carolina and even up into Tennessee. We’ve laid out what is Heartgard Plus for dogs, but it will also be beneficial to know that if they live in these parts of the country, it is even more important to be giving your dog a heartworm preventative.

Geography is certainly going to have something to do with that, as the colder temperatures in spring and early fall in the Northern States, along with their winters, are going to mean fewer mosquitoes. But the last mention we’ll make her with regards to Heartgard Plus for puppies too, is that the problem with heartworms is there often aren’t heartworm infection signs to tip you off to something being wrong with your dog. 

That is until it’s often too late when owners do start to see those signs. So, it's really important to get your dog on a monthly heartworm prevention medication, and your best bet is always to order pet medication online from us. 

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